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How Nolifers Live.

I been a nolifer for more than 10 years. I know this stuff.

I’ve been trying to earn money online 6 years, unsuccessfully.

Shit, man.

3 months ago I started this blog, with a vision that someday I will be banking some cash. If I won’t make money after 20 years, then this means blogging is a really bad way to make money.

Nolifing is easy, you sleep, eat, shitpost, repeat.

Being a nolifer is a really boring lifestyle, you have to like boredom at your core to be a nolifer.

In fact, there’s nothing to tell about being a nolifer.

But at least I’m prolific on the web. I’m always making videos, and writing. Because I love this thing.

I don’t do SEO or marketing, because I really don’t care about the outcome of my blog. Yeah I know – I should do better, but whatever man.

My day usually starts with waking up, taking a smoke, making some coffee and then I enter the matrix for a day. Anybody can be a nolifer – it’s an uninteresting life and it’s boring.

I’m sort of an idler. I spend my days being idle. Because in my opinion there’s just too much stuff going on in the world. And the competition is stiff.

Everybody’s competing for your dollar. I don’t want to compete. I’m staying away from competition. Whilst having a great blog is competitive business because wherever you look every niche possible is taken, every type of blog post is written and there’s this oversupply of blogs which simply means that blogging is a waste of time.

Because I’m a pro at wasting time I have chosen blogging as my occupation. I believe that someday I will be rich. Maybe.

In fact. I don’t want to be rich. I just want to have enough and doing my calculations I need somewhat 2000€ per month and man, this will be hard to achieve because currently I’m making just 2€ per month by selling kindle books.

Today I haven’t monetized this blog, but soon I will. When I reach 1000 visits per day. I know blogging is hard, it’s way harder than the experts say, well it’s easy when you’re an expert, but when you’re an amateur with no realization what you’re doing – it’s hard, man.

Currently I’m getting just 10 visits per day. Imagine, my blog has to increase it’s traffic by 1000% it’s going to be hard.

In fact, I sit here in my room, with no fucking clue what I’m doing.

I guess in the end, people have to like what you write. You don’t need all that seo and marketing. You want your blog to market itself and it has to be a good blog to market itself.

Sure SEO helps, and marketing helps. But I want organic growth.

Since every single post type is written. I don’t bother with SEO, because the competitors will outcompete my blog anyway.

Sure I should have a blogging strategy, but whatever man.

I’m here just to write and maybe you’ll enjoy what I write. It all comes down to this, people might like what I write or people might not like what I write.

Being a nolifer is like the lamest thing that can happen.

The problem with many blogs is that people can’t find them. I’m not a marketer, I’m just a writer and whilst I write – I don’t do any marketing.

Seth Godin said that you don’t have to market your blog. Advertising costs money and is very expensive. While organic growth is free, but can take much longer. But I’m not an expert on this issue.

As I told before I’m into philosophy.

I know if I will stick to blogging some people might read my blog. I watch my blog stats and people spend a freaking hour on my blog, this is a good indicator.

Since I knew about blogging I wanted to be a blogger. Not for profit, but for the occupation itself, because blogging is really an interesting occupation.

I write maybe 7 years almost daily, I had this lithuanian blog which I wrote 2 years, but then I killed it. Don’t have access to it. But whatever man.

Sure blogging itself is extremely easy when you’re just writing, but it becomes tough when you want to make money. To be frank, I doubt I’ll ever make 2000€ from this blog. Because I’m not into sales. I just don’t want to sell anything.

Personally I believe that my writing isn’t that bad but it’s not the format the web wants. My products are bad. I sure could sell some swag through teespring – but who’ll buy it. It’s easy to get into sales, but you’re not an entrepreneur or salesman if you don’t get any sales.

I want to shift my reality from being a nolifer to being a lifer. But for it to happen I need cash. Everybody’s competing for your dollar and I mean everybody.

I don’t want my blog to be aggressive. I don’t want to bribe subscribers with freebies. Because a freebie is not free, because every single blog has those upsells, where they want you to buy the product.

But I don’t need a product which is just an informational product, there’s abundance of information – why should I buy it?

I had this book “the laptop lifestyle” man, it’s crap – I’m just glad I got it for free.

I know a lot about blogging, but I’m just lazy to do everything by the book. Why should I do things other people are telling how, why can’t I do things my own way?

That’s the main issue. Those marketers are selling the ‘dream’ as if it was a blueprint to success. Everybody knows that things which are oversupplied are worthless.

As yann girard said: only 1% of creatives earn money.

There’s oversupply of this garbage creativity. Man my stuff is garbage but I’m glad I’m not the only one producing garbage.

If my stuff was not garbage I’ve already would have those 2000€. Because I’m writing 7 or 6 years. I can’t remember.

Blogging doesn’t have to be this long boring journey. It’s that the texts don’t resonate with people and back in the day it was easier to rank on Google.

People at Google are doing these updates which do punish the creators.

It’s better to get traffic of Google, somehow. I don’t know how.

I’m pissed to be a no lifer. I want my cash… But I won’t get it, probably, or maybe I will. I don’t know.

Kakoi v pizdu rock’n’roll?

Slowly dying sloth.

I feel that I’m dying, steady and slowly.

As if there was no escape to my death.

I feel the limit, the limit of the reality is crushing me from the outside whilst I’m full of life inside. This world tries to kill me every breath I take.

I want to breathe. I want to live but it is what it is.

As if there was another, secret, reality where I’m not permitted and all things are lovely there

Your blog can help you become so much more.

I’m not one of those guys who sell the ‘dream’. In fact, at this point I sell nothing.

Currently I’m a nobody and nobody knows me, just a bunch of people due to my vlogs.

When writing your diary online aka blog. You can take it to the next level.

Imagine you would go out to eat some food to the restaurants of your city – it would be interesting for tourists who visit your town.

Imagine you would go to the cinema – you could write a movie review.

Imagine you would go on a trip – this would be interesting too.

But the main obstacle here is money, because food outs, movies and trips cost money. I’m a nolifer not because I want it this way, but because I have no money. I’m on disability paycheck.

First I need to make 5$ a day, so I could go on and eat in restaurants and go to movies.

I bet blogging can make anyone’s life more interesting because while I’m sitting in my own room. I’m boiling in my own juice.

But making 5$ a day is not easy as far as I know. Because I need a stable income.

Some people know me. I’m a normal guy, but very unlucky with money

To write something interesting, one must lead an interesting life. When the life itself is not interesting – you can think so little by your own.

Before schizophrenia I had a normal life, but after 2012 my life fucked up so bad that I don’t have the will to reclaim the life I had.

I had more friends, more money – I could eat pizzas everyday.

Now it’s all gone and people make fun of me, wow, vygis, you’re just sitting at home and doing nothing.

You know, some people do what I do and earn money, while people like me do what other people do – and earn nothing.

I want an interesting life, but interesting life costs a lot of money.

I don’t get invited to parties and food outs – ya know.

If I would be invited, I didn’t have to pay for it.

But now, when I’m not famous and not rich – I have to sit at home… There’s so little you can do outside. Yeah I could go to the lake and make a swim but anybody can do that – that’s why it’s not interesting.

If you want an interesting life, you have to do what some people can’t. Sitting at home isn’t interesting because everybody can do it.

That said – your blog can create an awesome life because you would pursue interesting things.

Interesting things are things that other people can’t do.

Being a rockstar is interesting because most people can’t do it.

Being a youtuber is interesting because most people can’t make it.

Being a blogger is interesting because most people don’t do it.

Enough said.

We have this situation.

The situation is complex by its nature.

A girl wants to turn a friend mine against me. The situation is complex, because at some point the friend has to choose with whom to be.

When you and your friend’s girl aren’t cool – the situation will be complex.

The friend doesn’t want to choose, but at some point he will choose.

If he chooses his bro over hoe he’s your dude, but if he chooses hoe over you. Then he’s not your real bro.

As I said, the situation is complex and it’s not easy to solve.

If I had to choose at this point in life. I would choose a bro, because bro’s stay forever, but sometimes it happens in life, that in fact you have no bros.

You don’t have to pay anyone to have a blog.

Sure you have to get a hosting and a domain name which costs 60€ per year.

But in core essence there are marketers who sell you the ‘dream’.

I wanted to tell you that there are no systems to earn online – nobody’s going to give you a bulletproof system which will generate income by itself.

The fact, that this world is dynamic and if one person is successful it doesn’t mean you’ll be successful.

That said, I don’t want you to pay anyone to start a blog because there are no systems.

There’s this one thing though, people are gonna love what you write or they won’t – this is plain simple.

People have various problems in their life and a blog should solve those problems, but in other cases people just want to get their info – so the best blogs in the field are informative blogs which informs readers about something.

The other blogs are entertainment blogs and diaries – nobody will read your diary because it’s not informative and it’s probably not entertaining.

So before you start your blog think about the needs of your audience. For example my blog is not targeted to anybody and for sure you can expect poor results from Google and elsewhere. My blog doesn’t get traffic – I don’t know why but maybe because there’s oversupply of blogs.

That’s why blogging is so hard – the competition is stiff, but you don’t have to pay anybody to have a successful blog. Since there’s an oversupply of information – you can get all the information for free. Because people who have not a big following tell all the secrets.

You don’t want to fall for marketers who sell you the ‘dream’. All they do is sell the ‘dream’ that’s how they’re making their money – by selling ‘dreams’.

Video games are huge time wasters.

When I played GTA4, my godfather told me that I should build something in the real world, instead of spending my time in a fictional world.

At first I didn’t realize what he meant, but now after playing Soda Dungeon. I realized that I spend 30 minutes in game, with that time I could craft a blog post and little by little move to my final goal which is making money online.

I know making money online is hard, you have to persuade people to buy your stuff, but man I think I could craft a lot of blog posts in my blog and then maybe add some Google Ads.

Anyway, back to games.

I spent ten years playing diablo 2, well ten years with brakes. Can you imagine what I’ve could build during that time? I was young and stupid.

You can be awesome in games with great gear and shit, but in life you’re just a miserable fuck – back in the day there was no twitch, no youtube, no Google – nothing. Just diablo 2.

Back in the day I didn’t know how to start a blog, but if I knew – I could be rich by now. Imagine ten years of building a blog. Can you imagine?

Ten years is a long period of time.

Sure I don’t want to say anything if you’re a professional gamer, but if you read my blog I doubt it.

Games suck time like crazy.

Imagine you spend 60$ on domain name and then write your fucking blog.

I don’t believe that blogs are dead.

Whenever I search something on the web – I end up in a blog.

Blogs take a long period of time to build.

If I had my knowledge that I have now, back in the day – I’d be rich by now. Well. My goal with the internet is 200€ per month. This isn’t as big as it seems.

I believe I can make 1000 pageviews per month. I don’t know.

If I’ll never quit, I should make it.

But man 10 years wasted on a game. I sure got some experience from it both in game and off game.

I wish I could bring back time.

Besides, watching movies is a time waste too, because you spend 2 hours in a fictional world of fantasy.

After I got sick with schizophrenia I no longer watch movies, because movies take so much time. The best thing is to listen to music and make your blog come true.


Tried to render a video.

Anyway, I tried to render a video and it got so bad.

22 second video should render for 7 hours, man this is ridiculous.

I wanted to do a video with a lake in the background.

I used some AI green screen app and it wen’t bad.

I rendered 52 frames and then figured I should turn on some music and then the app crashed. Man I was so pissed.

Simulation Theory Debunked – Must read

Simulation theory debunked

Let’s get simulation theory debunked. I’m a big fan of simulation hypothesis and I usually say that we live in the matrix.

But what if we don’t live in the matrix? What’s then?

Simulation Theory Debunked

I’m a big lover of simulation theory. I always believed that there’s something strange about this world. There’s a lot of coincidence going on.

Love. Peace and let’s get simulation theory debunked.

Do you believe you’re living in the matrix? Does it feel like it?

I’m sure not, if it does – you must be suffering from derealization of reality.

When it comes to simulation hypothesis. I can assure you – that really nobody knows if we are living in a simulation. Sure it’s not a computer simulation run by AI.

Imagine a world, where we all run as simulations – it would be ridiculous.

Doesn’t matter what the scientists say. You can’t test reality for non locality.

Everything we see, feel, and taste is electrical signals interpreted by our brains.

What is real? And what is not?

Does your pain not seem real enough? I bet it does.

The problem with simulation hypothesis is that we don’t really know if we are living in a simulation. You can’t test simulation hypothesis with math or philosophy or whatever. Sure there is some sort of matrix – a place where something develops.

Sure nature is a lot like a simulation. Everything works on it’s own.

But you have to remember one thing. Whenever you see an object moving by itself with no interaction from you – you then know it’s a system, a matrix.

When it comes to thinking that we are living in a computer – it’s nonsense.

We sure don’t live in a computer, but we might be living in a simulation.

That said, why don’t you want to believe – that we are in the  matrix?

We aren’t living in a computer!

Here’s the problem. The computer is invention of the humanity. The place where the simulation is run, is way more advanced that our computers. Nobody in the humanity would bother to create such a detailed simulation like life is. I bet nobody would bother.

When people talk about simulation theory, they moved words from god to AI, to simulated world from true world. Because when we look back in time we see that Plato was talking about the matrix, but he at that moment didn’t have words like these to use.

Matrix is a wonderful movie. It sure is a cultural phenomenon.

If we are living in the matrix, why can’t we quit whenever we want without suicide.

Everyday I wake up in the same room. If life would be a game it would had more joy. But life is clearly not a game. The simulation itself is detailed. I don’t know if any mortal would bother to create such a detailed simulation. Even games like Grand Theft Auto 5 have details, but those aren’t that detailed.

If life is a video game or a simulation – it sure is made perfectly, but not all lives are perfect.

A person thinking that he lives in a computer – must be nuts.

He sure spends a lot of time with his computer. I used to think I live in the matrix, but after many years of thinking about the matrix – I say – so what?

If we’re living in the  matrix or not – it doesn’t change a thing. Tomorrow you’ll have to wake up and go to work, or to school, or somewhere.

That said, the matrix might be real and there’s nothing to debunk.

Right to be lazy.

When it comes to being lazy – I’m a professional but when it comes to work I’m a n00b.

People have the right to be lazy because the society doesn’t care what you do.

But if you’ll tell people that you don’t work, everybody’s curious – why don’t you work?

Not working is one of things people envy the most.

Many people would love to have a lot of free time to waste or to work on their goals. Man, this stuff is magical.

The only thing you don’t have when you don’t work is money. So your duty is to come up with ways to get the goods because you have the right to be lazy.

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