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Not writing another book.

Whenever I sit down to write another book, I have this feeling that I’ll do this work for no reason. My books had some readers.

I figured that I don’t want to write a new book, because myself I don’t read books. Reading books is a waste of time. It’s better to read blogs.

But bloggers made blogs suck. Now everything is made professionally.

I love casual writing.

I figure that I’ll better find new readers for my old books rather than writing a new book.

I’m kinda have a writer’s block.

I can write few lines here and there, but writing a long book that has to make some sense is a difficult task.

I get this feeling that “AIIIII VPIZDU“. I always say that, because writing books is a hard task. Its way easier to write a casual blog nobody reads.

All writers must read, but me, personally I don’t even listen to audio books. Because it’s long and it sucks.

I’m done writing books. Blog is way to go.

I lost the hope to earn money with my blog. Writing is a dumb, disappointing occupation but I like it.

If I didn’t like to write it would be better, because writing is a curse.

You sit like a motherfucker at your computer and write these letters nobody reads. It’s a misery.

Writing is okay, but it yields no profit.

I have to admit – there are way better writers than I am and I kinda respect them because they can do it better than me.

It’s been 7 years I’m writing junk.

Man. Fuck it.

I wish I wasn’t creative because my creativity sucks.

Since I’m getting a new computer maybe I’ll go back to creating music, but the applications cost a lot of money. I guess I’m gonna use a pirated software. I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to create music nobody’s going to listen.

And maybe I won’t be creating music, because it’s just to much of effort and work.

I don’t know.

Why I keep on doing this shit?

What’s the point?

I should forget about being famous.

I just like to drip fast thoughts into my blog. That’s the best I can do.

I realized I’m good for nothing – a joke.

People don’t like me.

It’s better when you have an audience.

Writing for one person is the same amount of work when writing for one million people.

You can write as much as you want, but the problem remains – you don’t have an audience.

Your best work won’t be noticed.

And that sucks. All writers deserve more attention.

Typical writer is a starving artist. 🙁

Typical writing means your piece will be read by one person. It’s just the way it works.

You can assume that the more you write, the better traction you’ll get, but it’s a myth. Writing more never equals to getting more readers.

To get more readers – you have to become a recognized writer. Without recognition there won’t be any views.

It’s the way it works.

And getting recognition requires you to write a ton of words. There simply isn’t another way, probably.

How to write in first person?

Writing sure is fun. How about you write your first story in first person?

First person stories, most of the time are a narrative.

How do you create a story in first person?

It’s easy, take upon a ridiculous angle and impersonate a character.

There are many ways to write this story, but first person writing is often considered very personal since all the world is through your characters lense.

The better character you can impersonate the better your book.

My two eBooks are written by Tomas Pavilijonas, an alcoholic detective. He is interesting in many ways since his style is straightforward. With no environment, he writes his story.

Sure I plan another book, but a bit later – when I’ll earn from this blog. Maybe never.

Impersonate people, and your character can open a new perspective.

As long as you have imagination, you can write very good in first person.

Personally for me straightforward style is the best style. I very much love Tomas Pavilijonas. He’s an awesome detective and he tells great stories. Most of the time stories are unreal with hallucinations.

People who read and listened to Tomas’s eBooks liked them very much.

I don’t want to disappoint my fans, but I need more money to voice my books. Long books cost 150€ to voice, and shorter ones cost 50€ to voice.

I kinda struggle with cash. So now I won’t write new eBooks. Since nobody reads them, people like to listen to audiobooks. Audiobooks are the new books.

Audiobooks outsell eBooks and simple books. 🙂

Write your story in first person, impersonate!

The story is always better in your head.

There is only one way to put a story on paper and that is – to write it.

During last year I started a lot of stories – didn’t publish them at all, well in fact I didn’t even finish them.

Because the story is better in my head than I can put it on paper.

And there’s this challenge.

To put a story in a fine way.

But it’s tricky.

I don’t have a formula to put the story in a best way.

But you have to rewrite the story many times and polish it.

When I wrote ‘kas yra garetas’ and ‘trys drambliai’ I didn’t rewrite the stories. I just one shot them.

Sometimes the story writes itself as it should, other times it’s a struggle.

If the story is better in your head, probably it’s time to write a different story?

How to plot a book?

Personally I don’t plot books, but I can share experience with book plotting.

You open any writing software and pick heading style.

Then you write headings about the way your story will go.

After a heading you write a short summary.

Typical books have 20 to 100 headings.

Your story consists of characters and “what happens to them“.

Your character has to have a mission and sense of direction, why is he in the story in the first place?

Book plotting can be tricky. Especially for new plotters.

You want your story to have an introduction, the middle, the end.

Writing a book is really hard. If you haven’t wrote anything I don’t suggest writing a book as your first piece.

First, open your blog and write for 1 to 4 years daily so that your skill would mature and only then write your book. Just because if you have no audience – nobody’s going to read your book. You don’t want to voice your book and then put it on youtube – there won’t be any profit.

If you’re writing a book as your first piece, then write a detailed plot.

Personally me – I write panser style, this means I create the plot as I write.

Book plotting can give a sense of direction to your book. But good plotting takes time. Remember that ideas are worth nothing, your book will be better in your head than on paper.

To write a good story, first you need practise, that’s why I suggest you write a blog for couple of years. Blog writing will increase your writing skill.

First write stories that are short – flash fiction – 500 to 2000 words. Then increase the length of your stories.

Book plotting isn’t that hard, but personally me I never did book plotting because how do you know, when you just starting out, how will your book finish?

First try to write panser style.

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