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Reason to stop thinking right now!

If you’re reading my blog – you must be an average Joe, just like me and my dog – we both are average.

All the thinking is done by the matrix. Other people think for us so we don’t have to.

Imagine, people are doing vaccines, drugs, flying rovers to Mars, sending drones to Pluto and Uranus. And doing more random things.

That suggests to me that human thought is so advanced, that we’re both the ones who actually are empty headed. Mindless. Brainless.

If human thought is so advanced, why do we bother thinking at all?

We will never come up with a plan how to mine asteroids. Or make a billion bucks. That said I want you to stop thinking this instant, because you will never think anything new.

There was a time I discovered simulation hypothesis. I did it by myself and found out that people are talking about simulation hypothesis since year 1977. Later Nick Bostrom introduced the simulation hypothesis. Now people aren’t laughing that much.

The problem with us is that our brain is too weak to make such claims. I sure was thinking when I was younger. I kinda noticed that the Earth is round by looking at the shadows of the Earth on the Moon.

But I’m not the first. While I love thinking I never thought of an idea first. That’s why thinking is a lame occupation. Sure you can think. I can prohibit you, but what can you think of?

Tell me in the comments your idea. What are you thinking about? And I’m going to tell ya, that it’s probably nonsense. Congrats on thinking, but I doubt you’ll ever come up with unique idea. Therefore I doubt you can execute that idea.

It’s all about execution, not ideas. Ideas are easy – every man alive can come up with an idea. But executing the idea is the hardest part.

I stopped thinking. Once, during my psychosis episode, I thought so deeply that I ended up realizing it’s to difficult to come up with something tangible.

How the hell people see atoms, and lesser particles? To me – it’s impossible. We all are bound to believe. Some believe in God, Some believe in atoms and quarks. Some believe the Earth is flat – and these people aren’t stupid people. They just don’t know some things. Some believe the Moon is a hologram. That said. You can think of an idea, but that will be ridiculous idea. Nobody understands the world fully. We all have certain image of the world.

But I can tell you that if you read my blog, you are smart. Most people are just dumb people. Do you know how I know that? I just talk with them and they talk pure nonsense. Okay, not all people, not most. Just the one’s I’ve met. These people are ridiculously dumb and that’s a curse for smart people. To see, dumb people.

Maybe this post is misleading. Most people should think, because the nonsense they talk is ridiculous. But if you read my blog, you should stop thinking and start reading more. Because most ideas you think of, or you try to come up with are already known. Reading and learning is faster than thinking on your own.

I have this Lithuanian blog, which is dead. And there are 350~ posts mostly about the matrix. You can check it here.

How to develop creative energy?

You need creative energy to write, to draw, to paint, to play a musical instrument and to do other creative activities!

But how do you become creative?

As I told, it’s all in the neural network.

Let’s say you want to be a poet.

Then your duty is to create one poem each day for a year and increase the poem count as you become comfortable writing that one poem.

You open up a blog, or medium account but don’t write in facebook because your poems will be lost when they’ll ban you.

When you start being creative you get some sort of inertia.

You need inertia and momentum because that will permit you to write more. If you like to draw – take your smartphone and make a video while drawing – each day 1 video and you’ll have 365 videos after a year – publish those videos on youtube. People love to see how other folks draw.

When you pick your art. You have to commit to your art and discipline yourself to write, draw, to create one piece a day.

When you’ll create one piece a day after few months you should get momentum and inertia. The more you create – the better it is for your art. Because in art quantity is what makes quality.

If you’re a writer – you gotta write and write and write.

If you’re a painter – you gotta paint and paint and paint.

There is no other way.

When you practise your body to create it becomes easier to create as long as you have the momentum. If you’ll pause your creation – then it’ll be a bit harder to get on track.

The more you create – the easier it becomes to create and don’t worry at this point that you’re creating garbage no one likes.

At first year, in writing – couple of years, you’ll be creating garbage, but that’s because your art hasn’t matured yet. After sometime when your art matures – you’ll then create awesome pieces.

All artists need recognition, while the artist isn’t recognized – nobody will love his art. Period.

Nobody’s born creative, we all develop our creative habits.

How to unleash your creative genius?

The world is abundant and there is abundance of everything from art to drugs and from porn to rapists.

When you want to be creative you need to think about this world as if it was a canvas.

A white canvas where you can draw whatever you want.

Creative work means adding a touch of yourself to the canvas.

Since the world is abundant it only lacks your art. There’s plenty of artists. There’s plenty of art.

Unleashing your creative genius means looking at the world from a different perspective, from a perspective of an artist.

The only thing this world lacks is your art. There isn’t your art out there yet and you can change that.

What would you create if you could? Create that because you can.

Artists from all around the world create art, they add a personal touch to the world. Even this post has to be written by me and that just proves that this place is a big canvas.

Sure you don’t need to be a writer like I am, you can create different art.

But ask yourself – what’s your perspective off the world?

Do you need any permission to create art? No, you don’t, people even don’t have to like your art.

A creator adds a touch to this canvas. Meaning that everything the creator touches – becomes beautiful.

For example, take a bad place and make it into a good place.

Not all people are creative, many people are simply disabled people, but if you’re normal – you can unleash your creative genius.

Think about the world and spot something which is lacking – create that.

You can create whatever you want – from drawings to writings and from music to heavily engineered equipment. It’s your choice – nobody can choose for you…

What will you create next?

How do you become creative?

Creativity requires enormous amounts of creative energy.

It’s really hard to write, to draw, and to do any other creative activity when you do it daily. It’s even hard to speak into the camera daily.

Our head is neuroplastic. We have neurons in our heads.

I’m sure not a scientist, but you get the point.

These neural wires. Change everytime we are doing something. The more we do it – the stronger the connection of the neural wire.

The less we do it – the neural wire weakens and then later disappears.

To start being creative – you got to start creating even the smallest piece and it will make your neuron connect to a specific point in your head.

Following this little formula – you want to have strong neural connections in your head. And you strengthen by being creative.

If you want to be a poet, your duty is to write one poem each day for a year. Then when your neural connection is strong – you then increase the amount you write. The same with writing, rapping, drawing – everything. You need the neural connection.

The stronger your neural connection the easier it becomes to create art.

Remember, many people struggle being creative just because they think their art sucks. Sure its going to suck, but you’re just in the learning stage.

All people are creative when they establish the right neural connections. Well, okay, not all people.

Neural network loves repetition. The more you repeat your creative activity – the stronger your neural connections become.

That’s plain simple, but if you never heard about neural network and neural connections, check Google for it, they might provide you with more information.

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