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This article can’t solve your problems.

Bloggers, yeah – you and me. We tend to solve problems.

When I joined the web I realized the web is different kind of medium – nobody reads online. People online look for information.

Many articles solve problems.

My articles don’t inform, don’t educate, don’t solve any problems and sure don’t entertain – why would people read this kind of blog?

Everybody has fans, the problem – there’s not enough of them.

If everybody had enough of fans, literally everybody would be famous.

But being famous online – forget about it.

I was famous, fame faded and that’s it.

My fame lasted 15 minutes. I got a lot of messages, some people even wanted to film me with professional gear – I said – no!

That’s it, my life didn’t change. I was miserable as I am now.

I even had 700 Youtube subscribers in one day, but I ended up deleting the channel. Nobody understands my jokes. 🙂

That said.

On blogs people solve problems such as… how long to cook a pizza… or how to switch RAMs in Chromebook…

People rarely want to connect with other people.

Sure I have readers, but that’s not enough to get a lot of donations.

Few days ago I was wondering should I continue to blog, seems like my writing effort goes to waste. I took a break.

Now I’m okay.

I will write.

Nobody likes casual blogs anymore. People search Google, just because they want to know something new and useful.

Blogging officially has died.

But blogging has one great benefit, nobody can ban you from your space. In Facebook you can get banned if you’ll do some hate speech.

This world is full of haters, people hate each other for no fucking reason.

But whatever.

Blogging isn’t a solid method to make money, in fact blogging is one of the worst ways to make money unless you write reviews, or how to articles, but if you’re like me – you want to connect, you’ll never see a dollar.

Forget about earning with your blog.

Forget getting thousands of visitors.

Forget about fame, riches, women, sex and everything else.

Typical blogs get 10 to 100 visitors per day.

I know a blogger, he’s Lithuanian. He writes from 2005, it’s almost 15 years. And all he has is 300 visits per day. He writes in Lithuanian the longest. 🙂

So length of blogging doesn’t equally mean you’ll get any traffic.

You can write for years – sure people will read your blog, but with 300 per day, you won’t get any sales and as far as I know, this guy doesn’t earn from his blog. In fact none of the Lithuanian writers earn with their blog.

It’s better to write in English language, sure the competition is bigger, and the reward is bigger. More visitors come to your blog.

How many visits will I get after 15 years of writing? I bet 300 hits. 🙂

There’s another problem, people don’t want to donate money. My banner is a joke. I haven’t got any money.

The only reason to write a blog, is to write if you like it. If you hate blogging don’t do it, because you won’t get any money out of it.

Blogging isn’t a career. It’s a hobby that sucks cash slowly. 🙂

As I told, this blog post won’t solve your problems, but it will let you connect with me.

There’s too much blogs.

People say write quality posts, but the problem is that there’s too much blogs on the planet, if everyone would write quality content, then you would need quantity.

There isn’t any difference if you write quality or if you write quantity.

Writing unique and amazing content is really hard, but anyway.

I’m writing quantity, because what’s the point writing amazing content, when there’s just too much blogs?

1 blog for 7 people, if you get 7 people on your blog, you’ve got enough people.

Just keep answering peoples questions. And maybe you’ll find a gold mine.

Neil Patel says, enable comments and respond to comments, but what’s the point? When you have just so little traffic, the comments won’t flow in.

Most comments people leave are simply irrelevant.

Why write a blog, when today everybody’s on Facebook?

I bought another year of hosting for my blog, will be writing my blog, but people need something different.

I found out some guy was blogging 6 months and he already has 10000+ visitors.

People find new blogs instantly, just like people find new Youtube videos.

If nobody reads your blog – you’re most likely writing shit. Just like me.

Personally I don’t care about the reads, reads don’t fill my pocket.

All I care is having a space where people can find me if they want.

I’m online, hooray.

Now what?

Producing good content.

The audience isn’t the problem, the problem is the lack of good content.

Most online content is simply said, mediocre.

And the popular posts, they follow certain format.

As long as you write content and it doesn’t follow the format of web content – you’re articles will never go viral.

First year or so, you should get familiar with web format.

You should spectate writers and authors who have made it.

And try to apply the same format for your posts.

Because in online writing the format matters a lot.

If writing, vlog, podcast don’t follow the specific format – chances of it getting viewers is lesser.

But also keep in mind that you can develop your own format, it’s just a matter of time when people will start to notice your work.

Everyone can become a millionaire, but a lot of people are just too slow.

It takes a lot of time to develop your daily routine and your work outlet.

Just say: “at this place we do things like this” and some people might like it, but most won’t even care.

Writers attract only a small fraction of readers. There’s maybe 1% of writers who attract huge audiences of people, the rest attract only a small fraction of readers.

You’ll never know what your writing is worth unless you’ll try it.

So keep producing great content.

‘Working’ with human attention.

Human attention is very valuable.

Humans can give you the lifestyle you want.

But human attention is short and rare.

Now they’re interested in what you do, the next day they are bored with you.

When I was viral, I got so much attention. But then everything faded.

It’s hard to go viral another time. I’ve tried – nothing happened.

To get human attention – you have to offer extraordinary value, or extraordinary entertainment. There’s no human attention in other things.

Casual bloggers like me, get very little human attention.

You can’t call casual blogging a business. Because it’s not a business.

It’s a hobby.

Work hard to get human attention, because without attention – your dream life won’t come true.

What WordPress Plugins I use.

I know some of you guys are bloggers.

And I know it’s hard to pick the right plugins.

  1. Ad Inserter.
  2. Cookie Notice.
  3. Disqus for WordPress.
  4. GA Google Analytics.
  5. Google XML Sitemaps.
  6. Limit Login Attempts Reloaded.
  7. Really Simple SSL.
  8. Simple Social Buttons.
  9. Top 10.
  10. Two Factor.
  11. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.

I won’t go into detail. These do what I need, maybe someday I’ll have more plugins.

WordPress theme is Hemingway.

More posts don’t equal more traffic.

When you start blogging, you might be tempting to create a lot of articles just like I do.

At first I had this belief, that the more articles my blog has the more traffic I will get, but that’s just a myth.

So to debunk this myth I can tell you that my blog has 700 articles and the traffic is just 60-70 visitors per day. I never reached organic traffic. Most of my traffic is direct traffic. I did something with my computer that lead my traffic to increase x7. First I got just 10-20 views.

You know – companies like Google want to get money for views. Nobody cares how many articles you have – if you don’t pay you won’t get the views.

So what to do in this situation – should you continue to produce content?

Personally I think you should publish one post a day. I publish more because I have a lot of time and I like to write.

But most posts online don’t get any reads. That’s the reality – nobody cares about our blogs, nobody cares if our blogs have new posts or they don’t.

Sure having a lot of posts increases your chance to get more views, but that’s just a slight increase in traffic.

I say. Show up on your blog daily for 4 years and if after 4 years your blog isn’t profitable – there won’t be any profit and you can ditch your blog.

Four years is kinda essential. At first Google needs to figure out if your blog is interesting to other people. I don’t know how the algorithm works. But if you’re a great marketer – you can have a profitable blog. It’s all in marketing, not writing.

If you’re like me, writing a lot of posts. I can say that you’re just wasting your time. This is what I do. I waste my time with this blog.

But since this blog is a nonprofit blog. So you know. It’s good to waste time.

Don’t write more than one post a day. It’s not worth it unless you have the time to write.

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