The Prikolist EP6

Sunku šiais laikais.

I hope you enjoyed.

Is TV costing nothing?

Me talking about the television. How TV is costing you your life.

Out of patience.

The pissed me off.

Super awareness and loss of context.

I talk about why I end up being in a mental house due to loss of social context and super awareness.

Living life to enjoy life.

Talking about life and what life we would love to live.

Practise makes perfect.

Me talking about practise and how long you need to practise to achieve something worthwhile.

Don’t give your shit for free.

Don’t give away stuff for free.

Just me talking about the free stuff. And building success on other people platforms.

Audio004 – The ‘asslickers’ around.


I hope you can relate man if you had ups and downs in your life.

Impressing the asslickers is really easy when you have the cash but then it goes really hard when you’re out of cash,

Drop a comment, if you can relate.

Audio003 – How to pick a market?


Me talking about business and the market, you want to be in a market which has some money in it.

There a lot of things to learn in business and you better be learning, not stalling.

Because stalling and complaining makes no difference, sure there are times one must complain, but complaining is just a phase in life.

Drop a comment if you liked my talk.

Audio002 – How do you know when you have no competence?


Just me talking about competence and how to realize that you have no competence if you were jumping from one idea to another recently.

It’s not the idea that matters, but the competence to execute and accomplish the idea.

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