Why you shouldn’t hire a ‘marketing specialist’ who has weak following.

I was surfing the web, and saw this chick from UK, can’t recall her blog, but she claims to be a marketing specialist. I checked out her Youtube channel and she only has 500 subscribers. Man, 500 subscribers, I once had that although I’m not a marketing specialist. I would say if you want to […]

How to know how much words you have on your WordPress blog.

There’s this plugin for WordPress. It’s called Word Count. You download it by typing Word Count in new plugin search. Then you navigate to Word Count and press calculate. And voila you know the word count on your WordPress blog. My blog has 239726 words so far. This plugin is useful if you want to […]

How doing specific tips can guarantee you some traffic.

Few weeks ago I wrote about my Ubuntu crash, when I’ve installed Nvidia drivers. That post has got some views. When writing tips, you want to be very specific. Specific tips can attract some views, but all in all if you won’t promote your blog – you won’t have the views. It’s simple as that. […]

What to do when luck isn’t on your side.

Unfortunately, I’m not lucky. While some guys get it way easier than I do. I still manage to do something. You can’t do much when you’re unlucky. Many good things depend on lucky. Sure there’s discipline, persistence, patience and whatnot. But most of the time. It’s luck. Many people accomplish far more than I do. […]

You’re actually competing with high definition porn.

As a blogger, you may be discouraged to see that none of the traffic comes to your website. And that’s a problem. You see, online everyone is competing. And your lame ol’ post is competing with high definition porn. It’s hard to compete with porn. What do you do? You keep writing and grinding until […]

It’s not necessary to be the first in order to succeed.

Many people hesitate to start something new, because any niche, any business is taken. If I could come up with something unique, I sure would, but why bother with something new, when you can take any business idea that simply works? I often lurk at Twitch.tv when I’m not doing anything serious. Over the years […]

Panic attack.

I remember I was with my friend here in the forest, we drank a bit. It was few years ago and suddenly I got struck with a panic attack. My heart started racing and it felt that something’s bad about to happen. But luckily nothing bad happened. I returned home and took a pill of […]


Most things that happen to you are the circumstances of your life. You can’t achieve success if you’re born wrong. Some people get it easier than others. That’s why people say life is extremely unfair. But you can’t whine about that. Life is life. Most of life is circumstances. Why bother working hard when success […]


Today I woke up, took a smoke, and met my friend. We went to eat at local ‘Hesburger’ fast food restaurant. Then we took the dog out and talked about the ‘matrix’. There isn’t anything separate from the matrix. We’re all in different matrices. Everyone is just living their life. There are millions of people […]