Bought a tablet.

Today I got my dole in the morning, rushed to the shop and bought Samsung Galaxy Tab A 32gb 2gb ram.

Currently im writing this blog post with my tablet, i listen to spotify songs, tablet isnt bad.

But my friend says the tablet will get old after one year due to updates, but thats not a problem because i will buy a new one when this one will suck.

This month was pretty harsh without having access to computer, i thought i will manage the web addiction, but theres nothing to do without the web.

I just watched simpsons on tv.

I like to lurk indoors, i dont care about the outside. I go outside when there are friends and when i need to take my dog out.

Tomorrow, my friend comes from panevezys, we will walk the dog and drink some non alcoholic beer.

I think tomorrow will be an awesome day.

Yesterday i met a girl, shes my fan.

And shes beautiful, but we are just friends.

My celibate isnt over.

Thats it for now, gonna see ya later.