Your diary ain’t boring.

I know blogging is a tough thing.

But some people like to write diaries, diaries aren’t boring. In fact they are interesting, because they are about you.

Most people won’t read your diary just because they don’t know you.

But as you keep writing, more and more people start to know you.

The web is full of stalkers, who stalk what you do and it’s good.

If I had a friend. I sure would love to see what he’s up to.

Writing a diary gives a chance to attract new people into your life. Many people are in search of something, they might find you.

And if you will give good stuff, they will come back.

I love personal blogging because it gives the ability to know the person who’s writing it. Sure the future belongs to video. But text won’t go anywhere.

It’s good to be in text and in video, maybe audio.

Diaries aren’t boring. Writing redefines your thinking and video let’s you show something. If you don’t have anything to show then write.

Diaries aren’t boring, but it’s hard to find them via search engines. Many people don’t even know that you exist until they meet you.

When you start to know a person then you will enjoy a diary.

Diaries can range to many topics. From what you ate, to what you think and what you’re up to.

Since life and reality is dynamic, you won’t be out of stuff to tell.

That’s a great thing, even when you live frugal, new thoughts arise now and then and if you keep writing some people will enjoy it.

If you’re not looking to earn money online, it’s enough to have few readers who read your stuff. It’s not about the volume, it’s about trust and respect.

Personally, I like when people are open and trustworthy, transparent.

If they suck, they’ll tell that. Because many people nowadays are just pretenders, everyone wants to appear better than they truly are.

You know me, if I suck – I will tell it.

Life’s pretty damn short to keep hiding all the secrets.

That’s why people keep journaling and writing diaries, they share the secrets. If you don’t want to be known, write with a pseudonym.

But please, write a diary, because they aren’t boring.