Woke up early.

I don’t remember today’s dream, but it probably sucked dick.

Woke up at 7 o’clock. Took out the dog.

… and now I’m chilling on my computer.

There’s fucking absolutely nothing to do in life and life is fucking pointless.

All the people getting the attention and glory, while I waste my time producing my lame ol’ content.

I wanted to tell this thing about talking and writing. When you start out talking and writing, everything is easy – because you’re new to this, but after you’ve spent time creating your stuff for 5 years. All the talks and the posts start to repeat, because most people, including me, lack creativity.

As for jobs. I never got invited to do any jobs. I am good for nothing motherfucker.

People think that they’ll find themselves. But I remembered my neighborhood’s people, they’re like 50 years old and still lurk in the neighborhood, they drink, smoke and work on lame jobs.

I guess finding oneself is not for everybody.

I would be fine, if life would twist to the other side, but now…

… it just sucks.