Today was a productive day.

Today I made a story about my favorite fictional cop, I named it ‘Tomo Pavilijono Chronicles EP1’.

You can check it out here.

Thinking about starting a talk show.

Essentially people liked the chronicles. I will be creating more episodes.

I create them with Audacity.

Audacity is good for cutting and joining audio clips.

I made this serie in one hour, it’s just 12~ minutes long. It’s good, people liked it.

Despite the fact that my audience is small, I kinda I’m doing great creationwise.

Few days I didn’t write on my blog, because nothing new happened.

Next thursday I’m going to music shop and will be buying a microphone. I think about M-Audio Vocal Studio microphone.

The only downside to creating a talk show is that I don’t have any co-hosts.

I can admit that I love talking, talking comes great to me.

So on my talk show I will be the host without any co-hosts. That’s a bit disappointing.

See you on the next episode.

PS. I got fed up with playing the guitar. Stashed it for a bit. Maybe I will pick up it later in time, because it’s way hard to become a pro with guitar.