It’s possible, but it’s harder…

… to do things without friends.

When you want to make something serious in your life – you’ll have a difficult time creating art without friends.

TV Shows, Movies, Music, Talk Shows.

It all requires some sort of group of people.

It’s really difficult to create art alone.

Therefore an artist who creates art daily has to always be seeking for people who will add some positive vibe to his art.

There’s so little you can do alone.

Tough projects require tough and talented people with technical skills.

It’s not enough to have an idea, it all boils down to execution.

If you’re an artist who’s struggling with execution – you must seek other people.

Because it’s way harder to do things alone.

If you want to put your talent to action – play the guitar, because playing one instrument is easier than playing multiple instruments at the same time. You can’t play the piano and guitar both at the same time.

Thus, you’ll have to make a choice which jobs to take on, because you can’t take on all jobs. You need to set priorities.

You want to do things that bring the most results, things that are efficient.

To build an audience, you have to show up all the days and always be coming up with new things to show or talk about.

Creative work is difficult, but it is sure worth it.