It’s a long boring journey.

One thing is to come out viral, but if you’re unprepared – your fame will fade. I was viral, my fame faded.

Today everybody can be famous for 15 minutes.

But if you want to build something solid, you must show up for years.

It doesn’t matter what you do – you might crack jokes on Youtube, or write your little diary on your blog.

It takes a long time to know other people.

I’m somewhat known here in Lithuania, but I’m far away from being popular. Most people know me as a random guy.

All you have to do is show up every day, for like 10 years, maybe more.

Until you’ll get popular. Count your work as if it was practise.

Today, when you publish something – people instantly see it.

But if people don’t share it, it means you aren’t ready for the grand finale.

All your work until now was practise, and everytime you publish something. You are working towards the end goal, everytime you publish something – you get better at doing it.

But as far as I noticed, if you let out the joker inside you – people won’t take you seriously. Personally, I don’t care what other people think.

For me, it’s a hobby to publish new information. I don’t sell anything.

If you want to be rich – you gotta sell things to people. If you’re doing this biz of showing up, people will know you after a while.

But to get famous, you need to offer a gradual improvement over time. We all get better by doing things. And it’s really hard to strike a chord, to get famous.

If you’re struggling with fame, I would say forget about it. It’s hard to be famous.

All you need is a viable minimal audience, they will help you survive. They should, but they won’t. Especially, if you’re living in a poor country. People don’t have to help you, people don’t have to like you.

Just show up for 20 years and see what happens

It’s a long boring road.