Few weeks ago somebody stole my Twitch account, that sucks – I’m just glad that I didn’t invest any money in my twitch account. My account name was daznis666.

Besides, I just checked my wordfence plugin and somebody tries to log into my website.

Guys don’t bother, even I don’t know the password. It’s suggested Google password and it’s stored in Google servers, the website is protected with double verification, even if you log into main password, you then need email verification. I get email to my email box with the code.

The email is protected with Google double verification which is sent to my phone. Please don’t bother – the website is secure, you can’t log into it.

Unless you’re a high end hacker, who probably won’t do the effort to log into my website, just because this website doesn’t get much views. 20 hits per day, most of them – probably bots.

This blog is not worth doing the bruteforce, just because if you had the access, you just would delete the content and that’s it. There’s nothing else to do on my website.

So please, don’t hack me. Or do hack me. I don’t care.

The best option for you would get your own website and write content, because that’s all I’m doing on this website.

I would say, if the website would get a lot of hits, then sure you could hack it and destroy whatever I’d had built, but it’s not worth it.

Try hacking Google servers and take my password. It would be easier than guessing it.

This website does weekly backups, so if you delete my content. I would just restore it with the backup.