Fed up.

I’m fed up with everything.

Nothing works for me, during my life I tried so much stuff and nothing worked.

Why this blogging thing can’t be a blast.

Why the fuck everything has to be so difficult?

I’m really done trying to impress the world. I have to admit – I have nothing to offer.

All those books, all the videos, all the blog posts – it doesn’t get any traction and personally I think what I’ve wrote during these years is pretty said garbage.

People choose themselves what they want to read.

But when I surf the web. I see garbage. There’s absolutely nothing interesting to read.

I’m done trying.

It’s the life that made me a pessimist. Because in life nothing works. Nobody cares if I’ll write another book, nobody cares if I’ll do another video, nobody cares if I’ll publish another post.

Some people find me interesting, but most don’t.

The road is tough and difficult. But most roads lead to nowhere.

When I started blogging I was convinced that I need unique posts. So I wrote and wrote, now I have 900+ posts and all I get is 20 views per day.

That’s not a lot if you want to make money.

I’m really fed up with Google, Facebook, Youtube and all this shit.

I just can’t understand, people can’t find my blog or is it that Google considers my blog – low value?

What’s the point in grinding and doing your best if nobody sees it?

I’m done grinding – fuck it. I know I will come back to writing because writing is in my nature, but why the fuck writing doesn’t yield any results?

That’s the problem with the world. Creative people are always misunderstood. And I can admit – it sucks being a creative.

I don’t know how to make money in this system – I have to admit it.

Few years ago I lived better, but when Euro hit Lithuania I became so miserable. Everything got so expensive. I barely make ends meet.

I need a job – can you offer me something?