Animal inside.

We can be human as long as it’s good enough to live and survive, but when things get tough. We will let out the beast.

And in the end, it’s the stronger, the smarter, the well-built that win.

All weak, dumb are meant to die.

But the society wants us all to survive, that’s good, but it’s bad when disabled men make disabled children.

Medicine is for the weak. But without medicine, we all would be weak.

Medicine gives us strength.

Sooner or later we will be animals dependant on medicine to keep us going. I can wait until the bio engineering starts.

The future’s looking good. But I’ll be dead until the future comes.

Everything is becoming more complex and we are animals as we used to be. You can’t suppress the animal inside. We’re both – animals and humans. We are herd animals, as soon as the shit hits the fan – we will be slaying each other. But in tough times people cooperate more than in good times.

Individualists can’t thrive unless accepted by the herd. Every individualist has to have a herd of supporters.

We are all animals, some of us are just better than others. People aren’t equal. Some are smarter, stronger than others.

Today surviving is very easy, you can chillax all day and you won’t die.

Back in the day there was constant movement in order to find resources. Now – have money and you’ll get all the resources.

Living today is easy. I never worked in my life and I live fine – I do my philosophy and that’s it. Maybe money for hard thinking will come later. I don’t know.