Zero to Zero.

Getting out there and making nothing.

We all start little. I remember I had zero experience with blogs. I’m not far away now. But over the years of writing online I had learnt a thing or two.

If people can’t find you online – you miss a huge opportunity which may land in your inbox. 

It all has to start somewhere. It might start today or next year, maybe the year after next year.

We all start at point zero unless you inherit the wealth. Inheriting is easy – you just have to be born lucky. But it’s easy to waste wealth, way easier than building it.

You heard about the people who earn millions from a lottery and then waste their cash and few years later they have nothing. I bet you’ve heard these stories.

Don’t search online how to make money, because everybody wants you to lose money. The earnings of few individuals isn’t a typical result. Typical people earn $10 per month from their blogs. It’s roughly two books sold. If you would ask me – that’s not a lot of money.

But you gotta start somewhere. Earning some money online will open new thought horizons. And anyone who has earned dime or two knows that the only thing that matters is hard work. Although I hate doing the hard work and the word hard work makes me sick, but guess what – for some people writing isn’t that hard. It’s harder to build roads and houses.

Sure we all can’t earn online – because who’s gonna build the roads? At some point we will all have jobs or awkward careers. Awkward career like blogging sure is better than building roads. No offence.

I never built a house, but built some unsuccessful blogs which failed as soon as they started – because I was a newbie and I didn’t know how to build a blog.

That said. I want to tell you that building a blog takes a lot of work. Because the search engine isn’t on your side when you’re writing your musings. 

I learnt over the years that people choose themselves what they want to read and you can’t do anything about that. Many people won’t care if you’ll start a blog or no – because they don’t know you. Sure your friends and family may care about your new venture, but to make other people care you have to be very interesting and being interesting isn’t what I’m good at. 

Then you’ll need to be informative and useful. 

Usually people don’t want to pay money if you give them that choice. Probably nobody’s going to applaud for this eBook I’m currently writing but whatever – people always loved free. Since you gotta pay for everything these days. But if you’ll give away your best stuff for free – you lose the chance to earn some income. Sure. Free stuff can build trust, get you some respect. But if you’ll give away stuff for free – you’ll never earn. That’s why even I have to sell something.

If writing is easy for you – you should consider starting a blog. Even though most people moved to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Medium. They are on platforms with integrated audience. With a blog you’ll have to build your own audience.

Building an audience is incredibly hard. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want you to be discouraged by this fact. Unless you have something good to offer – nobody’s going to stick with your blog and writing, well, you have to be at least useful. So that there was a reason to stick to your blog.

Even though reading is outdated. And many people moved to video and podcasts, there are many people who like to read. Sure you can’t compete with Because has the best authors of this world. You can’t compete against them, because now and then they write some epic stuff. But if you’ll write on – your stuff will be lost amongst other authors. Gaining traction on is as hard as building your own blog. At least with your own blog you can earn some money. With you can’t if you’re living in Lithuania, because their payment gateway doesn’t work here. 

Anyway. To make money with your blog – you have to write some epic stuff. 

And it starts from your first post, but doesn’t matter how many posts you have – without traffic and conversions it’s impossible to earn, especially if you have no product made.

So before you get out there to write – think about your niche.

Niche is a fancy word for topic of the blog.

When your blog has a subject, a clear topic, it’s easier to build an audience, because certain topics have an established fan base which is hungry for new content.

As long as you stick to writing and blogging, the audience is ever growing. It’s hard to get the ball rolling, but as far as I looked at my stats – I have new visitors everyday.

People just keep coming. And you don’t know who’s going to subscribe to your blog or buy your eBook or anything else you are selling.

It’s said that you can’t become rich with few dollar eBooks. But it’s still some income.

I don’t want to be a guy who promises you riches after you do this or that. Everything about blogging is very subjective. 

You might start a blog and it could take an eternity for it’s traffic to pickup. No blog is created equal. Sure the audience could come from your Facebook, but as I tested it rarely does. People on Facebook want to be on Facebook. At least Facebook wants that.

Anyway, marketing is an essential stepping stone of blogging, but since I rarely promote my blog I can’t teach you that. People would say, create a landing page and buy Facebook ads – I don’t do any of that. Because ads cost money and I’m here to earn some through my writing. I don’t want to lose money to Facebook ads. 

If you want to do that, you’d better have a highly converting website. Mine is a simple blog. I doubt anyone will buy this eBook. Just writing it because there’s nothing to do.

I doubt you can grow your blog without marketing. People tell that most blogs fail due to lack of marketing. Only the guru’s know how to do marketing properly, that’s why they reap the rewards of blogging. And I doubt anyone can teach that. Well they can, for a lucrative price. But you’ll have to do things on your own anyway.

I remember I joined some course on affiliate marketing – couldn’t understand anything and then I’ve quit. Because people teach you from somewhere in the middle. Nobody teaches you from the beginning. Anyway. Fuck affialite marketing. Nobody’s going to click on the link and buy from you as an affiliate. Well, maybe the clumsy web user.

The second question is – is it worth to pursue something online. Many people go online to make money. And everybody you know is trying to make a dollar online. The competition is really insane. And you have to compete with tough guys. Not just wannabe entrepreneurs like me.

I would have earned more flipping burgers, but I hate to flip – ya know.

I always wanted to do something of my own and this blogging thing – at least it makes me feel that I’m doing something awesome. It’s as good as it gets.

I’ve been doing writing online for many years. 6 or 7 – I don’t recall. I didn’t earn a lot. Because as an online marketer I suck – sure there are products better than mine, but guess what – most of the bloggers out there suck making money.

Making money online isn’t the typical result blogger gets. Most bloggers here in Lithuania don’t make any money and most blogs are already dead. Blogging was a fad here.

But somehow American writers keep blasting these huge results. My mind twists – how the hell they do it. I guess you need some sort of talent. I’m a terrible entrepreneur. Man I don’t sell things. I don’t want to be in sales, because let’s be honest – sales suck when nobody buys from you. And when you write an eBook – it should be exceptional, because most of the topics are covered by other writers. You just can’t think of something new and it drives me nuts.

Doesn’t matter what niche you choose – it’s filled with blog posts. People sure are creative. Well, at least I’m not writing stuff like – go to the parallel universe and get what you want – shit.

The impact part of this book is also harsh. Because when you’re doing this blogging thing and you’ve just started – you’ll be making an impact to your mom. Because nobody’s going to read your best stuff. Because people can’t find your blog. As I said – the search engine isn’t your friend. 

If you’re a casual writer with no exceptional skills, then I would say that conquering the internet is impossible. This is me being very honest.

Sure you can make your blog, but since it’s very subjective and not all blogs are worth millions. Not all writers are exceptional writers who have the ability to conquer the web.

This shit’s hard to do.

I imagine a person, who’s actually spend money on those courses and this guy makes nothing – what a sad grin he must have.

At least I’ve tried. 🙂

I’m done writing this shit because everything’s a joke.