Your best stuff.

It’s said that you gotta put your best stuff out there for people to find.

But your best stuff might be casual and mediocre.

And believe me – nobody picks mediocre.

Unless you have a little tribe of people who like you.

It’s all about the likes.

If people like you and your work – someday you’ll earn some dollars.

Because people like supporting influencers whom they like.

Your audience wants you to succeed even though your content might be mediocre and meant not for all people.

Despite this fact – as long as you keep producing content, your content will get better and better. Despite the average setting and the same background.

Because over time we all get better.

The better stuff – the more views it gets.

It’s a matter of time when you’ll get better and the audience picks you.

You just have to pick a niche and stick to it for as long as it takes.

You even don’t have to market your stuff if you believe in organic growth.

People choose themselves what they want to read, watch and listen.

You can’t force that, even if you put your best stuff out there for people to find.