You don’t have to read blogs.

Everytime I do a Google search, I stumble on a someone’s blog and every time I forget what’s the website I was to.

You don’t have to read any blogs, because reading blogs is a waste of time.

They won’t inform you, they won’t change your life, but they will do one thing – they will keep you up to date so you wouldn’t miss out on something special.

Reading a blog daily, needs commitment. I’m now committed just to two blogs.

I haven’t found any other interesting blogs that keep it simple. I hate tips, how to’s, guides. I like plain simple posts which these blogs deliver.

PS. Want to note that my blogs design has changed. I know you noticed that, but I want to note that I will buy Typology premium theme and it’s about to launch on 12th of the next month.

PPS. Thanks for reading my blog.