Will you succeed?

Success requires a lot of patience and hard boring work.

Success is measured by the amount of money you have when it comes to professional side of life.

Success can be measured by living the way you want.

Success requires great deal of ambition.

If you have ambition and work towards your goal every single day and never give up. Someday you will achieve it.

But if you slack all days, drink, and play video games while not trying to be a professional – luck might never come to you.

The more ambition you have – the better chance of success.

Success is really hard just because many people are competing to achieve the same things and it’s really competitive.

If you have a trajectory in life, if you move somewhere instead of drifting – sure you will be successful, but only if you move.

If you stall – success might never come to you.

Success requires great amount of work.

I’d say do the easy things and over time they will compound into something great.

Have long-term goals, forget about short-term. Short term goals give short time results.

Because some folks are now into their mid 60s and I found out about them recently, and they are rich by now – it takes a lot of time to expand your reach. The more people you reach – the more successful you become.

But you have to sell something.

If you don’t do sales – you won’t accumulate any money.

Start selling today, look for affiliate programs.

Save money, because saving is easier than earning.

Or do the grind and try to earn more than you earn now.

If you’re young – 18 years old – you can achieve whatever you want, because you have time, but pick a profession which you are good at.

Don’t do things that take hard efforts and show little progress.

I played guitar and over two years I barely made any progress, so I’ve quit and started writing my blog. Writing is easy, even when it’s giving me fruitless results – but over time small things compound into something greater.

Anyone can be a success, only if they do the hard, boring, long work.

Don’t expect to become a success overnight though.

Man, you can do it, if you set your mind to it.

Most people are drifting through life and barely do any effort because they are lazy.

It’s all in your hands.