Why you should use keywords everytime you write a post.

Everytime you write a post. It has a chance to be seen by online users.

Most of the time I don’t use keywords, because I don’t care to be honest.

But if you’re new to blogging – you should definitely use Keywords Everywhere plugin for your browser.

If you want your posts to be found by people, you gotta write exactly what other people are searching.

If you’re just writing your diary and you don’t care about the views – sure write whatever you want, but if you care about the views – do some keyword research for your upcoming posts.

Writing without keywords is the same as shouting into the void.

In the end – you want people to end up in your blog – don’t you?

The more posts with keywords you have – the better for your blog.

Sure you could use general keywords but long tail keywords are better because you know exactly what people are searching for.

With long tail keywords you can build your blog posts around those keywords.

General question most bloggers have is – how long till the search engine traffic will show up.

With blogging it’s a long road. Sometimes you can be writing for years before search engine traffic will show up.

But writing with keywords you increase your change to be found!

Keep writing with keywords!

And expect new search engine traffic after 6 months. Well, as I noticed it doesn’t take 6 months for Google to index your new blog post. But it takes a while before the post is ranked on search engine.