When you get older…

…you gain experience.

It doesn’t matter if you failed a lot. Failure is still experience.

Some people get lucky because of their effort and surroundings.

But most people – still are mediocre, just like me.

Many successful people believe that anyone can be a success, but in a chess game there’s only one winner – the other – he’s a loser.

A lot success in life depends on various circumstances. There are many people who want to achieve a lot in life and there are people who have already achieved their success and there are people who will never achieve anything.

Most of the time non achievers don’t know what they want.

When you don’t know what you want – you don’t have a goal and therefore you move nowhere.

In life it’s important to have a sense of direction.

Do you know where you’re going?

No? You still get experience. Doesn’t matter what you do in life – you get experience, doesn’t matter if you don’t want to get it.

Experience let’s us make better decisions next time.

Failure also grants us experience. We could do more in life, but experience tells us otherwise.

You could start a profitable blog, but experience shows that most blogs fail. You need to be exceptional for it to happen, we all are mediocre people and still we should look at typical results.

Because it takes a lot of effort to make something atypical.

Exceptional is really hard.

Most people settle for less, they drop the exceptional part.

You just can’t make a bit of effort and expect grandiose applause. That doesn’t happen.

To be the best, you have to be better than your competition.

And most of the time it’s knowledge. We could do better if we had knowledge. We’re always having problems with knowledge.

Most people are misinformed. Me included.

I have some experience, but that experience doesn’t let me build an exceptional business, because it’s always the lack of experience.

Whatever happens to us – it grants us experience.

What doesn’t kill us leaves a scar.