When to quit?

When you’ve been working on your project for 3 years.

And it didn’t bring any profit,

You may ask yourself – ‘should I quit?‘.

And in fact you should, because with business – you need to earn money today, not 3 years later.

Business must bring money, and if it doesn’t – it’s not a business.

Should you quit? No, if you feel the satisfaction doing that project.

It’s like blogging for me – it’s not a business. It’s a hobby, that sucks my money. I paid 120€ for 2 years of hosting.

Did I get any donations? No, but I like doing this thing that why I don’t want to quit.

If blogging was a way to sustain my life – yeah sure I would have quit, because online everything is instantaneous.

You don’t need to blog 3 years and then expect that later it might take off. It won’t. People see good stuff online instantaneously.

Probably your project isn’t that good.