What to do when luck isn’t on your side.

Unfortunately, I’m not lucky.

While some guys get it way easier than I do.

I still manage to do something.

You can’t do much when you’re unlucky.

Many good things depend on lucky. Sure there’s discipline, persistence, patience and whatnot.

But most of the time. It’s luck.

Many people accomplish far more than I do. When it comes to writing I love hard work, well, hard writing. But I don’t bother.

When luck isn’t on your side – you have to grind.

I remember I played Diablo II Lord of Destruction for 10 years. I liked farming back in the day. And I noticed the more I play, the richer I get.

Although, games didn’t give me any real riches, just virtual ones.

And I noticed, that in order to achieve something, you need to grind.

Luck is a small percentage. But when you get lucky, at least in games, you become rich instantly. Because in games like Diablo 2, everything is random – you get random drops based on algorithms.

If you don’t get a good drop at first time, then you have to grind and farm the game until you get the drop.

Few days ago, I played this game on my Nokia. It’s called Doodle Jump.

At first I got low scores, but then one day, after not giving up, I reached high score of 18337 points.

I noticed that if something isn’t working the way you want. You need to persist and even small daily progress towards your goal will bring you to the goal.

You have a lifetime to pursue your goal.

Sure games aren’t as hard as life, but the principe is the same.

I look at my life as if it was a video game.

I wake up every day. Look at my stats – and see no luck, then I move on to create another piece of content.

Doesn’t matter what my results are – I’m actually doing normal progress, but it’s at snail’s pace.

Like joining the gym, you lift weights and your body does progress bit by bit. Actually I quit the gym and bought an exercise bike.

Now it’s up to me. I can cycle and lose weight or I can be lazy.

Life presents us with the opportunity to achieve whatever we want.

And it’s our choice to ‘farm’ and grind.

Even in games you have to work hard to achieve a certain level, but rather than playing games try to play life.

Play to win. Don’t play to not lose.

The more you grind, the better for you and your business.

Some people are workaholics, I’m a writerholic.

When it comes to writing I’m kinda prolific. But now, only few people listen to things I have to say.

That said, luck is rare, but for luck to happen you have to be prepared.

When you’re unprepared, luck will come and then suddenly everything will fade.

You don’t want 15 minute fame due to viral video, because most people will forget you.

Actually you want to build a tribe of people who trust you.

That’s the point of blogging for fun. You don’t need luck to do that.