What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content – is content that’s always relevant.

When writing evergreen content which is the opposite of trending content. You need to think about relevance after years you wrote the content.

Evergreen content is content that doesn’t lose it’s trend over long periods of time.

Sure the term blogging declined after few years.

How to start a blog trends

You see, that’s not evergreen content. Because it loses trend.

Here’s when Brad Pitt was trending.

Brad pitt trend

You see, Brad Pitt was trending few times. Then it dropped significantly.

Movies aren’t evergreen content because they lose trends fast.

John Wick 2 trends

This is something that’s evergreen.

United states trends

You see – evergreen content is content that doesn’t lose the trend.

Evergreen content is losing it’s trend very slowly, but the trend won’t diminish.

When choosing a keyword. You want to pick something that doesn’t lose trend or is in upward trend.