What are you waiting for?

The perfect circumstances will never come. That’s harsh.

People wait until the time is right, but guess what – the time is never right and it will never be.

I stalled ten years before I started. I imagine what would I have achieved over period of 10 years and now all that I’ve got is regret.

I thought I wasn’t good enough.

I thought that people will eventually pick me.

I thought that someday I will be lucky.

But none of that shit happened.

I was there alone and miserable. Waiting for somebody to come across my life to save me. That didn’t happen.

You just can’t wait for a lifebuoy ring, you need to actually swim for yourself, because there isn’t anybody who will drop the lifebuoy ring.

In fact, there aren’t any people who want to help you, because everyone wants to save his own ass.

We can’t whine about that, because that’s the victim mentality talking.

You don’t want to be a victim.

You want to win at life, therefore there is no fucking reason to wait and stall.

If you can commit to your dream – you will achieve it, if you want it bad.

The world offers so much opportunities – it doesn’t matter if you see them or not.

There’s no luck in hard work and the harder we work, the better results we get. Period.

People keep waiting for the perfect time to start their business, but many successful businessmen have started business in the middle of a crisis. Crisis is when you need to help other people. Because everybody is struggling. And here you go it’s an opportunity.

But you want to think out the box, you don’t want work, you want money. And you need to think how to get money without working for somebody else – because let’s admit it, working for a boss sucks ass.

The right time will never come, because the right time is now.