Understanding web search user intent.

User intent – is a term to describe user intention whilst searching the web.

When web users go to websites like Google search, they want to find information.

Some of them want to buy, some of them want to listen to music or watch a movie, find a review, download software, get information, learn and etc.

When writing a blog, you want to find keywords that makes it clear what the user is searching for.

When people want to buy something, they type ‘buy’ or ‘price’ and the item name. If people want to find reviews, they type ‘product name reviews’.

That’s plain simple.

Your website must serve and fulfil the user intent.

If the user wants to buy something, you then create a website around the product in which the user is interested and add an affiliate buy link.

Most users are searching for information and when they can’t find information in few seconds they get frustrated.

That’s why the goal of any website is to provide value and information for the user.

Users actually want to find what they are searching for.

Google loves websites which can benefit the user intent.

If your website delivers value to the user it will rank high.

Goal of any article is to provide information, how-to’s, tips and tricks.

When people go to Youtube, they want to watch a video, when they go to Medium, they want to read, when they go to Google search, they want to find. That’s simple user intent.