Too difficult.

If you have a dream, which might be business or other creative endeavour. And it’s not working.

It might be just too difficult for you.

That’s why big companies have a lot of employees.

There’s so little you can do alone.

That’s why you should consider seeking help.

Doing your things alone might not bring results you’re seeking.

But help – it always costs money.

Nobody’s going to help you for free.

So if you have a dream, you need to rethink that, because there’s so little you can achieve alone.

It’s not a shame to seek help. It’s not a shame.

But if you can’t get help. You need to rethink things you’re trying to achieve alone.

Blogging might just be too difficult for both of us.

If it’s too difficult – you just need to get better. But getting better is hard.

In the end you just have to work hard to achieve the dream.

And on the other hand – you should forget about that American dream. Where you make millions out of your house. Because creating enough value might be too difficult.

What’s your best bet?

To do things alone and get better or to get some help.

It’s hard to achieve things, that’s why there are so much mediocre people, me included. Mediocrity is common.

Just work patiently and someday you’ll achieve things. Because everytime you step into the unknown – you get better.