Time management strategies for college students.

When you do things, you see that you need to do some time management, just because there’s so little time to fulfil all your goals.

Time is always ticking towards the end. It’s sad.

Time can be a serious struggle for any student, because there’s so little time to do homework. You need some time to relax and chillout – so there’s even less time to do activities which are urgent and required.

Write all the urgent stuff down.

I bet writing is one of your virtues, how about you write every urgent, important and necessary task on paper (or computer). Make a to-do list, try to write things before you go to sleep.

Writing is a healthy habit.

Create a to-do list on your phone.

If you’re lazy writing on the computer, use your phone. Turn off that damn Facebook because Facebook adds no value to your life unless you want to check out those damn memes.

Turn off social media, because social media is killing your time.

Instead create a to-do list on your phone and act accordingly.

Stick to a routine.

Healthy habits can form wonderful routines but you need some discipline to stick to a routine.

Instead of doing random things – try to do things systematically. One by one.

Try being organized.

Random things happen randomly, but organized thinking can solve many problems if you’re doing poor with time management.

Create an outline of things that aren’t necessary and are not urgent. Instead focus on urgent things – because urgent things are the one’s which produce the biggest results.

80/20 rule.

You can quit doing 80% of your work, just because only the 20% of your total work produces the highest results. Here we’re talking about efficiency.

If you see that things you are doing are inefficient. Quit doing them and focus on 20% of your workload.