She’s gonna think you’re an idiot.

My brother is now 25 years old and he never had a girlfriend.

That’s pretty common these days.

I tell my brother, if you won’t pursue your passion, your dream, and will be drinking and therefore without money with minus in your bank account – every girl out there is going to think that you’re an idiot.

Girls love money. I would too if I was a girl, just because what to do in life when you don’t have any money?

Go and walk through the streets? Man, that’s boring.

Some guys think they will find a rich girl, I used to think that too, but the fact is – who wants to mess with an idiot?

If you’re 30 and haven’t achieved anything significant – you’re a loser and an idiot. That’s the truth right in your face.

By 30 years successful guys have families, have achieved much things and have kids, have their own home and don’t live with parents. That’s the opposite of me. I started pursuing my dream when I became 30 years old.

I’m like 10 years later than everybody else.

I haven’t achieved significant things – you can call me an idiot or a loser. I used to think that riches will come by itself.

That didn’t happen.

I used to sit and wait, till people will call me and offer me a job – but that just happened once in my life and I thought that will happen again – none of that happened.

Then I realized that in order to be rich I actually need to do something about it, because riches never come by itself unless you inherit it, but I didn’t inherit it.

I used to think that my relatives and friends will support me – but that didn’t happen.

I realized my mom’s gonna die and what’ll do then?

I don’t want to go out on the streets, because the streets are fucking dangerous.

I used to drink. I was a semi-heavy drinker and I used to drink often, but now I quit.

When I’m drunk I can’t come up with good ideas to write. Most of the drunk writing is nonsense and you can’t earn by doing nonsense.

I realized in order to get my fifth pussy I have to actually make some money and have a solid strategy. Therefore I started writing this blog and hope that someday it will be a solid money making website.

I actually delayed my dream because I thought I was never good enough, but that’s an impractical way to think. You’re always good and you need to start now – just because good things will never happen, they only happen on accident. And in life, there’s just not enough of happy accidents.

That said.

If you’re going to drink and waste your cash, won’t work, won’t pursue your dreams and you won’t do any challenges – other people will think that you’re a clown and an idiot.

That’s the truth.

People care about you only when you have something to show – nobody cares how you feel inside, nobody cares who you are unless you have pockets filled with cash.

That’s the harsh true reality of modern life.