Paradigms, addiction and conditioning.

We’re all conditioned to be addicted to shit we don’t even like.

It’s the fault of our society and the circumstances we were in. And that sucks.

Paradigm is a made up belief system through conditioning from our childhood.

During the years, we all were brainwashed by media, parents, teachers and friends. It’s all brainwash. That brainwash made strong beliefs in our mind. And we are addicted to our beliefs and other stuff.

Talking about addictions I would say, that addiction only counts when you’re feeling bad about the thing. If you like doing drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking – whatever it may be, as long as you like that. It’s not an addiction, but when you feel bad about it and can’t stop – well, you have an addiction.

Most movies show smoking and drinking as a good thing. Most famous actors smoke in movie scenes, that shit influences us. Back in the day smoking was cool, but I bet dying from lung cancer isn’t cool.

All the media wants us to consume health breaking stuff. It’s all for profit. Nicotine companies say nicotine isn’t addictive, but many people fall into that trap. I fell too. Felt into the trap of alcohol, but trying to get out. Because drinking became boring.

Is it fun to be numb or unconscious, all in piss and puke? That’s from alcohol.

There are people who don’t get addicted to nicotine or alcohol, after years of using it. My brother is a social smoker, he didn’t get addicted to smoking, but he got addicted to alcohol.

Most of the time we get addicted not to the substance itself, but to the image of using a drug. Using drugs paints a picture in our minds, a social image and status.

We all have pictures called blueprints and if our blueprint is fulfilled we feel happy.

I drank many years, but I never felt addicted to alcohol because I could quit whenever I want. Alcohol never was an addiction for me. Alcohol was my social life and I rarely drank two days in a row.

But nicotine is another story. I feel addicted to the substance and if I could bring back that time and had this knowledge. I wouldn’t take a cigarette ever. But luckily to cigarettes, I know what strong addiction feels. Maybe it isn’t stronger than addiction to heroin or other drugs, but this addiction made me know how addiction feels. Back in the day I was a social smoker, but after I got into mental hospital I became a heavy smoker. Unlike alcohol, I can’t quit smoking whenever I want. This makes me very unhappy because I’m addicted both to the substance and to the social image. I wake up in the morning and want that cig and I feel very uncomfortable when I don’t have one.

There’s two options to dealing with addiction.

  1. Accept that you’re an addict and continue using the drug, either way we’re all going to die.
  2. Accept that you’re an addict and seek external help, if you can’t manage your addiction by yourself.

I could choose option one, but smoking makes me very unhappy. When I have craving it feels good to take a puff. But when I take a puff, I feel regret every time. I tell myself “and again – I’m smoking”.

Over the course, of what, 6 years. I managed to quit 3 times. Two times one month and the next time 10 days. That’s all I can do.

I know that quitting smoking can be painless, because those times I didn’t feel any pain or cravings. And I hoped that I managed to beat the addiction, but after a month I got into mental hospital and when you’re there – everyone there is smoking because there’s nothing other to do. Few days I lasted without smoking and then asked for the cig, because the toilet was full of smoke and I inhaled smoke and the craving returned.

The cravings are intolerable most of the time, that’s why most people can’t quit and are addicts.

Now look at the state. It develops drugs to quit smoking, various replacement therapies and other nicotine crap instead of removing tobacco products from the store shelf.

I know I would have been a drug addict, if I could have access to drugs. But luckily they’re prohibited.

If you never smoked in your life, read the description of cigs, because you get addicted from first cig, then next comes, third, fourth, fifth and look at yourself later – you’re a fucking addict like me who can’t quit.

Smoking has no advantages only disadvantages. Don’t get into that brainwash of media and friends, let them be with their own misery.

If you would like to smoke, try vaping without nicotine, because you get addicted to nicotine, not tobacco. I read that nicotine isn’t harmful because it’s a stimulant, but tobacco contains over 400 toxic chemicals that cause lung and other cancers.

While drinking alcohol kills your brain cells and your dead brain cells go out with your piss. So by drinking you’re actually getting stupider and your IQ drops.

We feel the buzz from drugs because it’s actually poisoning our brain. You take too much of poison and you die.

Many people wouldn’t do drugs if the drug would insta kill you. Because that’s fucking risky.

The mind and the body problem persists, you do some drugs, alco, or smokes – and your body wants to clean itself as soon as possible, vomit, puke, caugh, dizziness and therefore lack of oxygen in the brain. And your body keeps telling wtf man are you doing. But the mind gets addicted. It’s not the body that gets addicted. And that’s a huge problem because the body and the mind is contradicting each other. Either way, the body and the mind keep dying slowly, because the mind can’t live without the body. But the body can live without the mind.

There was this scientist, who took chicken’s heart and gave it the blood and it kept kicking without the chicken itself. So it’s proof that body can work without the head, the mind. When you rip of the head of the chicken and it starts to run while it’s being decapitated. Sure the head is part of the body. But when we talk about the mind.

Your mind is simply the state of your consciousness. When you lose your mind, your consciousness alters. You experience things but in a different way, as if you were on autopilot or semi-dreaming. While being in coma, you live in your own world – the dream world, while your body is fully functioning.

When you drink alcohol or take any other drug, you actually poison your brain which in the end alters your mind. The mind can’t get drunk, it gets poisoned and therefore distorted.

Do you remember times, when you’ve drank and got home without any memory, alcohol numbs down your brain and your body works unconsciously without the conscious mind. Or when doctors do operation, they numb down the mind with drugs, that’s poison, everything that turns off the mind is poison, but in some cases we need it. Because we couldn’t handle operations while being conscious. The pain is real.

The mind has few states. Awake and aware, semi-dream, unconscious dream, drug induced and off. Off is when you don’t sense any time passing by. But still when it’s off your body is working perfectly. That’s why I say, that the body can work without the mind. The body is simply a vessel for your mind. Your brain is not the mind, your mind is made of many brain cells and your brain is the most complex organ in the universe.

I’m not a scientist, but I know that the mind is made out of material, it’s inside the material. Like software in the computer.

So from the computer science, when your software starts to malfunction, the hardware malfunctions too. Because the software can fry your computer hardware, in some cases.

The computer can run without the software, because it’s simply an apparatus. Although it doesn’t do anything without the software just burrs.

Interesting question is, why the brain has receptors for nicotine and other drugs. It looks that it’s made on purpose, just to fall into those traps. Like in a video game. And why it’s addictive.

Addiction is the good reward chemical in our brain, and drugs like nicotine deceive the brain and the mind into believing that it’s good when actually it’s poison. Your brain thinks that smoking is actually good and useful thing to do, that’s why we smoke. Your brain is deceived by the drug. Doesn’t it feel strange, that some fucking tobacco leaf, can do this shit to the most complex organ in the world? Tricking the most complex organ in the universe. That’s fucking strange.

Why we smoke tobacco and not eat the leaf and get some nicotine without smoking? I don’t know that.

By the way, today we smoke not real tobacco, but paper soaked in tobacco essence, because how can you make light, moderate and strong cigarettes? Real tobacco doesn’t burn and you need to keep it lit up all the time. So they add bunch of chemicals to the tobacco essence and all that stuff simply said is addictive poison.

Smokers, me included, give cigarettes as if it was a good thing. That way we drag many non smokers into this trap. Because seriously – you need only one cig and you’re an addict.

Back in the day when I started smoking, there were no packages with warnings, so I thought that smoking doesn’t kill. Now after years of smoking I know my lungs are dirty, I would insta stop smoking if I could see my dirty lungs deteriorate slowly.

I noticed that sometimes it’s hard to inhale, as if I inhaled something without oxygen and then had to insta inhale again. I noticed this and I cough from smoking.

I’m not stupid, I know all this shit, but still I keep on smoking. It will be even harder to breathe and the coughing will be more serious, and the organism tries to clean itself by making a lot of snots.

While you smoke, the poison is in every liquid of your body: sperm, spit, snot, piss, tear, sweat, blood. So when making a baby it’s better to quit smoking for a few years, until all the body resets, because your dirty lungs take a lot of time to clean themself.

Doesn’t matter if you feel suicidal, your body actually wants to live, the body doesn’t want to die.

We fall into this shit due to our behavioral conditioning. I heard that smokers and heavy drinkers die 10 years earlier. If the average person lives to 78, then the average smoker lives 68.

Smokers aren’t stupid people, they’re unhappy addicts, but if a person doesn’t want to quit, he won’t quit and it’s not worth convincing him. Anyway, it’s possible to quit any addiction just because there are success stories of people who have quit tobacco, heroin, cocaine, alcohol. Name it.

There are people who are more addictive than others, but addicts tend to have a weaker character, if people can quit smoking they can do anything if they want.

At best times, smoking gives the 2 minute buzz and then it’s over, you don’t feel it if you smoke 17-20 cigs a day, there’s no buzz and smoking has only disadvantages, the only advantage smoking has, it fills your bloodstream with nicotine and you feel relieved until the next cig.

Start smoking if you want to have a strong character, but you’ll get that if you quit.

Actually don’t start because it’s not worth it, resisting it in the first place is also a sign of strength.

Seriously, all drugs are not worth it.