Never quit a good thing.

It’s said that a good things might happen to your life but it usually doesn’t happen soon.

Never quit a good thing, but quit all the bad ones.

If you found a thing that is interesting for you to do – never quit on the idea that you might be successful with that thing.

All good things require a lot of effort. Writing does too.

In blogging, the idea is simple.

If one likes to write a lot, he should consider being a blogger. It’s way easier than writing books nobody reads.

Having a blog is a great advantage amongst people who don’t blog. Blogging can bring new opportunities towards your doorstep.

Most of the time it doesn’t work that way – sure you gotta market yourself, but whatever. People don’t have to read your blog, but they will.

I checked my stats on this blog. I already had visitors from all around the world. It’s great. I’m out there. Writing tips and tricks for future matrix hackers :-D.

Most people drift through life. Without any purpose. Writing a blog – at least it gives some purpose when you wake up out of your bed.

Never quit the good thing. Quit all the lame ones and the bad ones.

Every time you sit down to write a piece of content your blog increases in value and it’s a good thing. Sure it’s not the quantity of posts that make blogs good, but the more stuff you have written the better for your blog.

Maybe someday you’ll become an authority website. A go to place for people in your niche. But that’s easier said than done.

Most of the time everything is easier said than done. But you have to try. At least blogging is a good thing.

It’s way better than shoveling snow and picking up leaves from the ground – done both of that – it sucks.

Writing itself is a good occupation to have, although is doesn’t bring the results you want until you’re recognized. But to be recognized you have to write – and sure, it’s a big deal to write when no one seems to care.

Everything starts from one reader. Then you get two – ten – hundred and then you win.

Don’t quit the good thing, but quit all the bad ones.