Most readers skim and scan.

Nobody reads online. Most people just skim and scan your article for information.

So it’s better to make your posts scannable.

Should a writer bother making his posts scannable, when he wants actual reads?

That’s a huge topic to cover. Since most people will just skim and scan.

Do you want to write for people who don’t know you?

Most people online search for information and end up in your blog because of your article, but most people won’t read what you have wrote.

That’s the downside of the web.

Reading has become a chore. Reading is a long and boring process.

Most people don’t read anything when they graduate from school. No matter how good the text is.

Personally I don’t read books. I don’t remember when I had a good read. Years ago.

When I search the web – I also skim and scan text for information. Rarely the text itself is interesting. And many people make their texts scannable so people wouldn’t even bother to read.

On the internet – it’s all ’bout the information.

But as a writer – should you bother that nobody actually reads your stuff? People datamine your articles for information – should that bother you?

I think not.

Most stuff online has no views when it comes to text format. There’s too much articles online and to be honest there’s no time to read everything through when you’re searching for information.

When you look up a simple search query it has almost millions if not billions of search results – you sure won’t end up on the last page of Google Search.

If you want to have a good blog – write tips, how to’s, guides, and in general information other people are looking for.

You want your blog to be useful for online users who are searching for specific information. Overall, the web is the worst place to share your writings. Even though most people can find your stuff online, most won’t read it. Because your personal musings don’t interest anyone.

That’s why writing online for fun won’t bring any profit.

There’s nothing lamer online than a blog full of musings. Just like mine.