Low ambitions.

At some point my brother wanted to quit drinking alcohol, but these few days he got home drunk.

His ambition to stop drinking alcohol is so low

If his friends drink, then he has to drink.

He just can’t say no to his friends.

And all of his friends are toxic people, who have achieved nothing in life.

I say to him, stop drinking, because it’s doing nothing good to your life.

And he keeps saying: ‘I can’t do nothing about it.

I don’t know, he’s weak willed. I used do be a semi-heavy drinker, but I managed to stop. Alcohol isn’t for me.

My forecast for my brother? He won’t stop drinking because he’s a bigger loser than me.

Alcohol will destroy his kidneys and his life.

He’s a miserable fuck, just like I used to be.

His ambition to quit drinking has dropped significantly during these days. I think he doesn’t believe in himself no longer.

Quitting alcohol isn’t that hard.

You just have to stop filling it in your mouth, how hard that can be?

To be a real alcoholic, you have to drink for many years everyday. Alcohol isn’t that addictive as cigarettes are, but still…

He’s the one who’s doing the drinking.

At some point he wanted to go to the clinic for a month, but the clinic won’t help him, unless he’s the one who wants to stop.

Clinics can prevent you from drinking while you’re inside them, but afterwards you’re on your own with your toxic friends.

It’s better to quit toxic relationships, because toxic relationships lead to toxic behavior.

It’s his choice to drink, nobody’s doing the drinking for him.

He’s the one who drinks.

And he’s a loser for drinking.

Alcohol doesn’t help, it only deludes people.

How being wasted is helpful? You can’t be productive while you’re wasted.