Keep writing during difficult times.

Keep writing
Keep writing…

Keep writing.

It’s said that writing is a great skill to have, but how do you keep writing when you don’t earn any income from that?

Imagine you have a blog which gets 10 to 100 visits per day. Is that a lot or no?

For people who don’t make any money – any amount of visitors is bad.

But maybe you love writing so much that you don’t want any money just because you like the freedom that writing gives.

Keep writing is a good advice just because you get better every time you write. You never know when your story might be a hit.

Every writer who keeps on writing is playing a game of hit and miss.

But before you start bleeding on a page that your writing sucks and nobody reads it online. Think about it – do you do Search Engine Optimisation?

Writing without keywords in your text will make your texts simply not found by people.

So before you cry – you got to understand. That writing online is different than writing a book and different than writing a diary.

Online – it’s all about keywords and ranking.

The more articles you have with keywords – the better. Writing without keywords is the same as missing every time.

To be a better writer you need to do two things. Read and keep writing.

Every piece you write will be there for people to read. But you should know that most people online don’t read – people online scan for information. Nobody reads online. If you write from the heart, putting your writing online is the worst thing you can do.

People read books – not webpages.

If you keep writing in the wrong place – you will get the same results.

Try writing for the web. Make your texts keyword rich and scannable.

If you want to write great stories from the heart – go on

But if you want to build a business around your writing – start writing on your own website. Just like mine.

It takes a lot of patience to keep writing. But you shouldn’t give up even if you’ve been writing for 10 long years.

My mistake was to write in random places before I started this blog.

Don’t make my mistake – if you’re serious about writing. Buy yourself a webpage and put your best effort into it.

Despite the fact that most people just scan text for information – some of them like to read. But the web isn’t made for reading. The internet is made to exchange information and tips.

Keep writing.

If you have great stories on your mind – you will never write them out if you’ll stop writing. That’s the main reason to keep writing.

But if you’ve been writing for years, don’t be afraid to take a break.

Good stories will come out by themselves.

Write if you can’t stop. But don’t forget reading. Because reading and writing are the only two things that make writers good.

Read to learn. Write to teach.

Good luck and keep writing.