Keep it simple.

I don’t know if it’s worth paying money to get the ‘know-how’.

The web is overwhelmed and there are tips for every niche you might pick. And that info is made by pros.

Should you pay money to that blogger who promises you the riches and the wealth? You’ll lose money on the deal and I doubt you’ll get the insights of the business itself.

If the business makes money by showing you how to make money, then the only way you can make money is by doing the same thing – showing other folks how to make money – and the market is overwhelmed and saturated. There’s enough teachers out there.

I’d say pick a simple profession and make it a habit.

Because these days you can literally make money with anything.

Keep it simple. Pick an easy skill and master it.

There’s nothing easier than writing kilometers of information but it has to be entertaining or useful or informative and educative.

Being very specific is worth it because anybody can be general. General requires no research, no nothing. But general attracts more people than specific.

Keep it simple, you don’t need the craziest idea – you just need to pick a thing or two that work.

And if people say blogging works – then it means that it works.

It should be a bulletproof way to secure your future – but it never is.

Everything is so subjective. Your online business doesn’t stand a chance unless it’s very exceptional. But you don’t need to be exceptional, you need to be simple.

Pick a thing that works and do it every day. It should work out. Look at the typical people and their results. If you pay money to that blogger – sure you want atypical results. You can get typical by not paying anybody.