I’ve never imagined.

I’ve been online for some time, but after being a passive member I started actively putting myself out there.

At first it was just Youtube, had a couple of setbacks, but now I’m fine. Then I started my own blog.

One of my acquaintances gave me the advice to put a PayPal link on my Youtube videos.

I didn’t hesitate but was thinking – who the fuck will pay me for not so serious content. But the next day I received my first donation – it was 10€ as I recall.

I never imagined people would actually support me and my dream.

Fast forward some years – I bough a computer out of donations. Not too shabby I would say.

So far donations were the best income I have received online.

I told my fans that I don’t want to sell anything and if you want to support make a donation.

And they made. It’s not a lot money but it’s still something.

I’m not a businessman – I can’t craft a course about making money online. That’s not my job.

So far donation-based blogging was a great way to make money on the side but it takes a lot of writing to get some money in your pocket.

I had to think at first – should I introduce ads on my page or should I go donation-only, without any display ads.

And it was good – since Google Adsense has banned me couple of times.

I never imagined that you guys will support me and my dream.

Now I want to become a published author, but need to build my blog first. Gotta get some readers here. Because this blog is read by my friends and acquaintances.

Having my blog set up was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I like that I have my space to share my thoughts, knowledge and expertise. Nobody can ban me from this blog. Unlike Facebook – where I always get bans.

I’m glad that you guys support my dream. I always wanted to be a writer and a blog is a great way to share writing. I don’t need any publisher to tell my what to write and what to not.

Blogging is a great way to introduce yourself to the world. Although many people are haters but whatever – you can always turn off the comments.

I never imagined good things would happen to me.