It’s up to you.

Just recently my brother got home drunk and I’ve asked him “Is life awesome?” He replied: “Life sucks.

Man I gotta be sincere with you, life does suck if you’re living with a brother who’s an alcoholic and repeatedly comes home drunk.

It’s a curse.

Business doesn’t work, despite the hard efforts.

Now my brother is farting in the toilet, I listen to his drunk farts.

It’s disgusting.

It’s up to you, if you’re an alcoholic – it’s your problem not mine. In fact, it’s my brothers problem and that problem has a strong influence on my life.

Gotta deal with a drunk bastard everytime he comes home.

He starts telling me this rubbish stories, on how the neighborhood is doing.

The stories are so absurd, he tells me the chronicles of our neighborhood. Who got punched in the face, who got in a car crash, the chronicles of the neighborhood.

And your life will be absurd, if you’ll keep drinking. It’s up to you whenever you drink or not. It’s your life that’s getting an effect.

Personally this motivates me to work harder and achieve greater results than my brother will ever achieve.

I remember, I was like my brother, drunk most of the days, but I managed to quit, I quit most of the toxic people in my life and my life got a bit better, I now just have my brother who is toxic and I don’t have the money to live in other flat. My grandmother doesn’t want me, me grandfather doesn’t want me – well I didn’t ask, but me with my dog would be a bit of a hassle for them.

My dream is to go live somewhere else, but the circumstances in my life are lame.

Went to the toilet, and my brother fell asleep in the toilet, I had to carry him to his bed.

It’s his choice to drink and have this awesome lifestyle.

Instead of quitting alcohol, he wants to kill his friends.

But you see, if you kill those friends – new ones will come, therefore your addiction won’t go away. In fact, it’s not addiction. I drank lots of years and didn’t get addicted to the substance, instead you get addicted to the lifestyle.

Because you like to get wasted, you see no fun in life and being wasted is the way you try to escape reality. Drinking, most of the time, is escapism. But you get wasted and you are wasted in this reality, not another one.

To quit drinking, you have to become aware of your life, become aware when you’re wasted.

Fighting addiction is a choice most people delay and keep getting wasted, because most people who are addicted to substances are weak willed. Me included, I’m addicted to smoking. But smoking doesn’t get you wasted, it even doesn’t give me the buzz it used to give.

I keep delaying my addictive behavior.

If you want an addiction, you should know that smoking is better than drinking. Smoking doesn’t get you wasted until you lose your consciousness. Smoking destroys your lungs and drinking destroys your kidneys. It’s a fair price for a fun lifestyle, right?

Year ago my acquaintances father died and when they did an autopsy he was all sunken in alcohol and the smell was awful, he actually died from alcohol, he also did smoke, but he died not from smoking, but from alcohol.

Both smoking and drinking kills you 10 years earlier on average.

Smoking has only one side effect – it’s coughing.

While alcohol, has a lot of side effects – vomit, piss, sometimes shit and unconscious behavior.

Your body actually tries to tell you: “Man what the fuck you are doing to me?” Both smoking and alcohol are mild poison which accumulate over time. While, now, cigarettes have these warnings, so that new people wouldn’t start smoking and alcohol bottles have no warnings.

This is the age of drunkards. A lot of people are drinking alcohol, therefore destroying their relationships with close ones, who don’t drink.

Drinking connects with people, but those people are also alcoholics.

The more you drink, the bigger your relationships with alcoholics. And after 10 years of drinking, all your friends and acquaintances will be people who love to drink. Therefore you will be stuck with toxic people and if you’ll change, all of your friends will change and if you’re in your mid 30s you will be alone if you quit alcohol. So in a way it’s your choice to be social with toxic people, or being alone without alcohol and without social circle.

I quit alcohol, now I sit alone with my dog. I’m glad that the dog doesn’t drink.

Over half of my life I used to drink and I was in relationship with toxic people and I can say, at one point I enjoyed the lifestyle.

You go out, get wasted, and then go home on autopilot. I used to do that until I started waking up in piss, all in puke. I’m just glad I didn’t shit in my bed.

I managed to quit alcohol and I can say it’s possible. Although I had many adventures with alcohol, but I can say: it’s not worth it. All times I was dealing with cops it was because of drinking in public places. I never had to deal with cops because of smoking.

I drank, payed the penalty bills and kept drinking until one day I woke up and realized I don’t want that lifestyle. It’s no longer fun.

Now I see my brother, making the same mistakes and it’s actually heartbreaking to see my brother being influenced by toxic people. My brother doesn’t have his own cash, but toxic people keep giving him beer and he can’t resist, because he wants to be social, although the social relationships are negative and toxic.

I’m just glad my mother doesn’t drink. Otherwise, I would go insane.

My best friend brings beer every time he comes over, but I don’t drink. My other friend is also drinking, my next friend is 3 or 4 months clean, but he has the urge to drink sometime in the future and when he drinks, he drinks for weeks.

As I said, toxic people are all around us. That’s why I say, that not having a brother would be a blessing, but now I’m surrounded by alcoholics who drink now and then.

And it’s their choice, it’s their problem, not mine. If I would want to get wasted, I could get wasted every day. It’s just a matter of a call. But I don’t want that.

You know these drunkards. They keep saying you’re weak, if you drink just few bottles of beer. The point of drinking is to get wasted, the more you drink, the more powerful you are, but I would say the more you drink – the more you are weak willed.

Because you can’t stop when you had enough. I used to drink and I know all the nuances of this ‘hobby’. I don’t say you have to stop drinking, nobody prohibits you from drinking few bottles of beer, but as long as you keep drinking – you are never alcohol free.

The same goes with smoking.

All drunkards find joy in drinking, although when they’re wasted, they always tell – “Man, why I keep drinking, I’m such an idiot, This is the last time I got drunk.” but in the end they keep drinking and destroying all the positive relationships that they have. You need to remember that negative never attracts the positive when it comes to relationships.

With alcohol, you’ll eventually lose your girlfriend, if you have one, if you have, I bet she’s drinking too. You’ll lose your money overtime, and will go into debt due to drunk decisions.

My best friend was wasted and he took a loan of 20 000 litas from a loan shark and he woke up without money because he spent it all in the casino.

He had so much fun, that he didn’t remember anything when he became sober. He woke up with regret, due to drinking he lost his girlfriend, he lost several jobs, he actually took this kind of money 3 times, the first time it was repaid by his parents, the second time it was repaid by his girlfriend’s uncle and the third time – everybody refused to help. Just because it’s serious money. It’s not a joke.

We were partying with him, and he tried to commit suicide, he took his belt and put it on his neck, I had to cut the belt.

Many people don’t get this lucky, because when they drink alone, they can hang themselves, there was this guy who did Facebook live video, he drank and eventually he hung himself and it was on live, people in the comments were actually encouraging him to hang himself, they checked if the guy had guts. And he was so drunk, that he hang himself without realization that he’s actually suffocating. And now he’s gone. What a loser, right?

You won’t hang yourself, if you smoke.

I remember, I got drunk and tried to commit suicide, but I tried to do it with pills. I ate all the pills in my house, my life flashed before my eyes and I started puking all those pills. I got lucky.

Nobody wants to deal with an idiot.

Drinking can cost your life and you’ll commit suicide without any realization.

I highly recommend stopping drinking, because it’s more harmful than smoking. You won’t do such shit while you smoke, because while you smoke you are sober. You can smoke a pack of cigs and still drive, but if you’ll drink just one beer bottle – you’ll get a fine, if you get caught.

In the end it’s your choice, because even people who are addicted manage to quit, if you can’t quit alone – seek help, because someday you might not wake up in the morning.

You know this dead singer from AC/DC, Bon Scott? He died from getting drunk and he puked himself to death, he puked and suffocated on that puke.

I remember my brother got so drunk, and he actually puked while being asleep. He was lucky because I was around.

In the end it’s his choice and one day I might not be around to save him.