It’s not necessary to be the first in order to succeed.

Many people hesitate to start something new, because any niche, any business is taken.

If I could come up with something unique, I sure would, but why bother with something new, when you can take any business idea that simply works?

I often lurk at when I’m not doing anything serious.

Over the years I saw streamers rise and fall.

Sincerely I would say, you don’t have to be first with your idea.

You can be the last, but if you offer exceptional value – you will succeed.

In business, it’s all about value.

But producing exceptional value isn’t that easy. Because let’s admit it – business is a tough choice.

Business holds very insane competition.

But you can be a solopreneur. If you have something cool to offer.

I liked the idea of blogging, you produce texts, put some ads, get traffic and voila you have some nice casherino.

That sounds very easy, but in fact it’s hard as shit, because all in all it’s business.

I saw some casual bloggers make it to the top.

I saw some good bloggers never make it.

It depends on many circumstances. But sure – you don’t have to be first.

It’s all about the value you can offer, and if you can come up with something entertaining, informative or educative – you’ll be good and sooner or later people will find you.

The problem with new bloggers is that most of them never market their blogs. Just like me.

Personally I want to be successful, but I just hate doing marketing. I focus more on writing articles that would be interesting to read.

You know this thing – it’s life.

Life isn’t fair, but you can’t whine about that because you’ll piss people off.

If it would be like this: you start something first and succeed, then you would leave no place for newcomers. That’s not the way it works.

People have to show up for years before the ‘overnight success’ happens.

There’s this artist in lithuania ‘Innomine’.

I heard that he had to grind 15 years until he got up to the big stage.

Imagine 15 years of grind.

If you stick to something for 15 years, you’ll sure be a professional.

It doesn’t matter when you start.

Most musicians spend a lot of time in the garage practising until they get a huge audiences.

Most writers die while being starving artists, that’s the way life works.

It rarely happens that you become a hit when you write your first book, first song or anything.

You don’t have to be first in order to succeed.

And that’s a fact.

You just have to be good. And I mean really good.