It’s been 7 weeks almost alcohol free.

In the past 7 weeks or so, I drank just 3 liters of beer, and the last time I tried alcohol – the taste was awful.

Alcohol sucks.

I’ve been slightly managing my addiction, although I wasn’t addicted much to it but I was a semi-heavy drinker.

Back in the day I used to drink whenever I had the change.

Now if I want some beer – I drink non alcoholic beer.

Don’t believe guys, who tell that non alcoholic beer sucks. It doesn’t suck if you don’t want to get wasted.

Non alcoholic beer is a great substitute for real beer.

But you can’t drink a lot of it. 1.5 liters is enough.

While when drinking alcohol we drank 5 or 6 liters. That’s too much for your kidneys.

I’m glad I can manage my addiction.

Non alcoholic beer for the win.

Being wasted became worse over the years. Now I don’t like to be numbed by alcohol. When I’m numbed and wasted – I can’t produce anything.

After a good party – you wake up all in piss, you puke, your head hurts. Alcohol has only disadvantages – there’s no advantages in alcohol.

Anyway, I’m doing fine while being alcohol free.

And non alcoholic beer isn’t that bad.