It’s all in our hands.

You have to take life into your hands.

Just because life has so much to offer, but I have to be honest with you – it’s hard.

On one case, it’s all up for taking.

But on the other, it’s fucking hard.

It’s way easier to give up.

Personally I do something that’s easy for me. Writing comes easy for me. So I do it.

Everything else that I’ve tried I’ve quit, because everything except writing – sucks.

I tried some things during my life and nothing stick to me.

I said before, that life can give you everything you want, but since everybody’s competing for the same thing – it’s hard.

The competition is stiff. And each year the world goes more complex.

It will be much more difficult to achieve great things later.

But everything’s in your hands, believe it or not.

I remember, I was sitting at my godfather’s house and I told him I want to be rich and he told to me. It’s all in your hands.

At first I didn’t understand it and kept waiting till things will get better, but things just got worse. I got sick with paranoid schizophrenia. But now I’m doing better than I was few years ago.

I kinda tried to get money the easy way, but easy way is very competitive, because everyone’s doing what’s easy.

I never wanted to work. I would have earned more money by flipping burgers than doing these online ‘businesses’.

But I keep trying, because I know it takes a lot to grow a website. I’m not Facebook, therefore it will take a lot of work.

10 months in and I’ve earned nothing. Kinda sucks, that’s why I say blogging isn’t a job, it’s a hobby.

But as my godfather said – everything’s in my hands.

I don’t want to give up in the middle of the road. If people say that it takes several years before you see any serious profits. They are right. Because they are doing it.

Blogging is like passive giving machine. I just give, give, give and you consume it if you like.

I have a dream and therefore I do the things I do, but it ain’t easy.

It’s actually draining. To write, to create and see fruitless results.

But maybe someday I will get what I want.

Unfortunately, you can’t grow your blog in one night, if you could it would be even more competitive and me, personally, I’m not a competitive guy.

I don’t compete. I just give.

Man, you can achieve whatever you want, if you set your mind to it, but it’s hard. That’s why you see a lot of mediocre people outside. I’m not saying I’m exceptional – I’m mediocre, too.

Simple blog for simple people.

When you fail you gain experience and it’s good.

The more you fail – the sooner you win. Maybe it works like this, I don’t know.

I just know that everything’s in our hands.