It has to be a big market.

If you’re about to start a blog, don’t follow your passion.

Let’s be honest, most passions don’t have big enough market.

And that makes it harder to gain traffic and sales, donations, whatever.

People have to be actually searching for things you want to write.

If you write about rare bug, maybe 50 will search for that.

But if you write how to shred pounds, there you go a decent market of millions of people.

That said don’t write about narrow topic, unless you want to be a go to expert on that topic.

Doesn’t matter what you’ll write, because every single niche is taken.

You have to look at niches that are underserved.

There’s really enough blogs on shredding pounds it would be hard to compete with them.

If your market is under 50 people, all you’ll get is 50 people who are interested in your topic. That alone won’t make you any sales, nor you will get any traffic.

If you’ll choose to write about your life, you could be popular if people knew who the fuck you are.

That’s why I say, your niche has to be a big market. It’s better when there is competition rather than writing on topics which have no competition.

If there’s no competition, people simply aren’t interested in the topic.

Although every topic is interesting for some people. But it won’t make any sales unless it’s a huge market.