Is it worth to outsource your content?

I’ve been looking for companies that do writing. And I noticed that a decent 1500+ word post costs somewhere around 100-200 dollars.

That’s a lot of money for a beginner blogger.

I would say that it’s good to outsource content when you already have an income from your blog, but until you have income it’s better to write content on your own.

Because if you spend 200$ on one piece of content, there won’t be any traction to your blog.

When your blog will make 100$ a day, then you can hire freelance writers to do writing for you. But until then it’s not worth buying content because you will go into minus.

In business you want to make money. No shit, Sherlock!

Making money online is very difficult and if your blog is making damn 23 cents a day – it’s not worth to outsource content because good content is expensive as shit.

Sure we all need to provide more value, do better writing, do marketing and that other crap.

You see, when you’ll buy your content piece – you will need to do marketing.

So it’s better to write your own content rather than buy it and instead of buying yourself some content – consider buying a marketer.

You need more than one person working on your blog.

Because there’s so little you can do alone.

If your blog isn’t making any significant amounts of money consider writing blog posts by yourself.