If your blog isn’t rollin’.

Gaining attention and building trust is extremely hard these days.

You don’t want short term attention, because you can’t build anything solid with short term.

Bloggers should focus on the long term, but how long is long?

I know several bloggers, who blog for long years and haven’t achieved much revenue wise.

For most people revenue is what they focus on, but without attention and trust – you should forget about revenue.

A typical blog brings 10$ per month in revenue. It’s even not worth adding ads for such revenue.

Most people end up in the typical zone.

It’s really hard to build a solid blog which brings revenue, because these days attention and trust are scarce.

In the age of scammers, building trust is very important.

But without trust – there can’t be any revenue.

How do you build trust?

By showing up for years. Long years.

People choose themselves what they want to read – you can’t force that…

… and Google isn’t on your side traffic wise.

It’s all about marketing.

Bloggers, who won’t market their blog, will see a typical 10$ income.

But do you want to spam the shit out of your blog? It’s not worth it.

If you’re the only one promoting your blog, maybe your blog doesn’t deserve any of that sweet attention?