How to stop trying.

I know. Americans always tell keep trying, don’t give up, but doesn’t matter what you want to start doing, if it’s business – it’s just too competitive. You can’t survive business if you’re a newbie.

It’s just too hard.

You can’t win at life. I know it sounds sad, but why waste your efforts doing something you don’t like, or something that doesn’t bring in any profit. I know it’s lame.

Many of the things most people want to achieve depend on external circumstances.

If you don’t have a thing you love, drop all the things you hate, because life is not worth pursuing something you hate. If you do love the thing you’re doing – don’t stop trying. But if you don’t – stop.

Life is pretty damn short.

I never pursued money, I looked for things that are actually fun to do.

And I’ve discovered writing. Writing is a disappointing occupation, sure.

From all the worst things in life, pick something that is less boring.

There are many interests, you can create any business.

But if you tried many times to do one thing and it didn’t work. It won’t work. You know it.

You don’t have to spend days, months and years grinding a thing that simply won’t work – it’s not worth it. It’s waste of time and energy.

Business is too competitive, good habits cost a lot of money.

It’s simply not worth trying and pursuing your dream, unless you’re obsessed with it.

I want to earn money online and still, it doesn’t work and I keep grinding it. It doesn’t work. I waste so much energy, so much time and get fruitless results. It’s not worth it.

Many people say stick to it, be patient.

But being patient is draining.

It’s better to have a simple life, maybe drift through it, because the system is rigged. Only the rich become rich and poor stay poor.

Whatever job you’ll pick, you won’t be the best at it, just because there are a lot of people who are already established at their jobs and you can call them the best.

You won’t be the strongest, nor the healthiest, fastest.

And hard work doesn’t pay a lot. You have to be actually smart to achieve great things and most of us aren’t that smart.

If you’re a simple guy, drop your expectations of being rich or famous or popular. It doesn’t happen for simple guys like you and me.

And most things – they are not worth the effort.

Because we all are going to die and we can’t take shinny things with us.

Sorry for being so pessimistic, but that’s the truth, the system is rigged, hard work barely pays. Creative work doesn’t pay. There’s just too much creatives who are starving, me included.

Online business is so competitive, but we can’t whine about that.

All in all nothing works and nobody cares.

Stop trying.