How to quit alcohol without rehab.

I’ve been drinking half of my life and was a semi-heavy drinker. I managed to quit alcohol, but now I struggle with my drinking brother, he isn’t quitting drinking although he wants to go to rehab clinic. And he thinks the clinic will save him, but that’s not truth.

The rehab clinic, all it does it takes you out of your social circle and its effect is temporary. Just like coding from alcohol, the positive effect is temporary.

My friend was coded from alcohol two times and he managed not to drink for 6 months, but after relapse, he said that coding doesn’t solve the problem.

I drank a long time and I know the nuances of drinking alcohol.

We drink because we want to be social, but while drinking – all relationships are toxic. I know, all my friends are toxic people, therefore they offer me zero value and I’ve ditched all my friends when I managed to quit.

Drinking alcohol is both: an addiction and a lifestyle.

It takes years and years of drinking to become an alcoholic, because the substance isn’t actually that addictive. It’s the lifestyle that causes all the problems.

If you want to quit alcohol, you have to change your lifestyle.

I’ve been drinking and one day I woke up and said – it’s enough, if I want a beer, I’ll get non alcoholic one, or two, or three.

I realized I don’t like to be wasted, but most alcoholics don’t realize that, everytime they go to piss, they’re actually pissing out their brain.

All I had was a toxic relationship with most of the people.

You can’t force your toxic people to change unless you change yourself. And toxic people, all they do is drag you down with them. Toxic people never change, until they want it.

Toxic people are dull and boring, therefore they offer zero value and zero fun.

At some point I had fun while drinking, but then I started puking a lot from alcohol. It didn’t matter how much I drank. I puked all the time. My head was hurting, sometimes I woke up in piss after a good party.

One time I remember I got lost in my neighborhood because I was drunk.

I managed to quit – it’s been 7 weeks without alcohol, I drank few liters over this time and I regret it. Alcohol isn’t the same as it used to be.

I quit by changing my lifestyle. Now I’m a no lifer. Back in the day I used to no life and drink. Drinking was the only occasion I used to go outside. If I went outside, I got back home drunk.

It was the lifestyle, not the substance itself. I didn’t know how to have fun. Fun was always associated with drinking until it got simply said – boring.

I saw the alcoholics life and it didn’t fulfil me.

I got out just to drink and be social, I realized that these social occurrences don’t bring me any value. I actually want to achieve things in life, but I can’t while I’m wasted.

Therefore drinking became counterproductive. I couldn’t do shit while I was drunk. And I spent time resting from alcohol while not doing anything serious with my life.

I saw joy in alcohol, a salvation. I tried to escape my own misery with alcohol. But the more I drank, the more miserable I became. If I had non drinking friends, I tried to influence them to drink with me, for the sake of having a company. But all of them turned back on me. I lost many relationships due to drinking alcohol.

And all my social circle became drunkards.

I thought that drinking alcohol was cool, that it gave some level of prestige, that it made me social, that it made my life fun.

But over the years of drinking, I realized that alcohol is destroying my life, relationships and in the end I keep losing trust, authority and people simply don’t take me seriously. People lost value in me.

I realized, that I’m the one who is drinking, there is nothing wrong with me apart from drinking and being lazy.

I wanted to do big influence on my brother, who unfortunately keeps drinking until this day. I wish him the best, but since drinking isn’t my problem I can’t help him with that.

I want to tell that the first step to quitting drinking is the disgust in the lifestyle itself. People who drink don’t know how to have fun, unless they are wasted. But being wasted isn’t fun. Being wasted is being wasted and that’s not fun.

I quit drinking without rehab and anyone who actually wants to stop drinking, can do it. It’s possible and isn’t that hard when you change your lifestyle. Big thing that helped me to quit drinking is blogging. I consider myself a working individual. Although I’m not employed because I can’t get a job, due to my online reputation.

I exchanged drinking with blogging, because back in the day I didn’t had anything to do with my life, but I wrote online on occasions, but after I quit I started logging my success and failure more seriously.

I don’t hold any positive relationships with people, so I ditched the ones who brought no value into my life and I’m glad.

I realized if I can’t get value from people who are in real life, then I will provide value to people who are outside of my reach.

Now my brother sleeps drunk and keeps moaning, this makes me work harder on my dreams.

If you want to quit alcohol, you need to have things to do, this might be your hobbies, but drunkards don’t have any hobbies because they don’t know how to have fun. They don’t pursue any goals, nor dreams, their only goal is to get wasted and maintain some sort of a job.

Getting productive and actually becoming busy and occupied will help a lot. When you quit drinking, computer and your dog become best friends to you.

For people who want to quit drinking and maintain their relationships with toxic people I can say that doesn’t work, because the only reason you are friends with drinking and toxic people is because you drink. If you would take away the alcohol, there wouldn’t be anything that brings you together – your relationship is alcohol based.

I know this because I was there. And I know that anyone can quit alcohol, but most won’t because they are addicted to the lifestyle. And actually don’t want to change, because serious help is out there for anyone who wants to quit. Man, people quit heroin which is way harder.

Typical drunkard maintains a low paying job and keeps drinking on rest days. These people are with no ambitions, no desires. They don’t even have the desire to quit drinking. Most say: ‘I would quit if I wanted.‘. But in the end they keep drinking. Because they don’t want to quit.

Drinking alcohol is a cycle of drinking and puking, waking up in piss.

You can’t stop puking if you drink more, therefore you need to quit the cycle. And it starts by stopping consuming alcohol.

Alcohol is more than substance, it’s relationships, social activities and outdoor ‘fun’.

So by quitting alcohol, we quit all the ‘good’ stuff.

The only thing that works while quitting alcohol is work therapy. If you won’t have anything to do that requires you to be sober, you will relapse out of boredom. Therefore you need healthy activities.

I would suggest these, if you’re on a budget.

  • Gym.
  • Walk the dog.
  • Writing.
  • Cycling.
  • Blogging.
  • Video logging.
  • Chatting
  • Calisthenics.
  • Cooking.
  • Business.
  • AA.

You need an occupation to fill the time spots when you ‘used‘ to drink. If you have friends with whom you maintain a healthy relationship – choose those, but most people who drank, don’t have anything healthy in their relationships, therefore it’s hard to quit drinking, because with drinking you lose all the social stuff. I know this, I’ve been there.

Nobody will prohibit you from drinking, if you won’t prohibit yourself. Most people drink out of boredom until drinking becomes boring.

To quit drinking you need to become aware that alcohol adds nothing to your life, it only takes away.

While you’re wasted – you miss so much opportunities to make it big.

You need to decide, whenever you stop drinking and quit, or you continue to tell lies to yourself.

PS. Many people drink to fall asleep. Alcohol isn’t a drug, go and see a psychiatrist and get some sleeping pills if you can’t sleep.

PPS. I can’t sleep while I’m wasted.