How to get through hard times in life.

Life is tough. And getting through hard times is really hard.

Hard times.

Getting through it may seem impossible. When times get hard it’s better to rethink your life.

For some it’s a disease. For some it’s financial issues. Life is tough and hard. Only few get it easy.

Bruce Lee told: don’t pray for an easy life, pray for endurance so you could endure a difficult life.

It’s said that there isn’t a situation without a solution.

Every problem has a solution and our job is to think that through.

What does bother us?

Sometimes it seems that there is no solution to our problem, but solutions are right under our nose. We always see what we focus on.

Sometimes hard times persist on us. And sometimes our life is one hard thing we need to endure. Usually life doesn’t get easier – it always increases in difficulty. I don’t want to write a post and pity you.

But life is tough for everyone and hard times persist. Sometimes diseases don’t go away. Sometimes finances don’t come straight.

The only thing you can do is endure. Endure the hardness even though you want to cry. Everyone is living a different life and searching online won’t solve your problems. That would be easy.

Sometimes times get tough and you can’t do anything about it. You need to wait and see what happens next. Because usually problems don’t walk alone. Misery loves company.

When people want to kill themselves, it’s usually recommended to wait 24 hours. Hard times make people tough. And easy times make people weak. Actually it’s better to live a tough life than an easy one.

Most people pray for an easy life. but easy is easy – everyone can survive easy. But surviving the tough and the hard – builds character. And when you’ll survive the crisis. After a year or two – you’ll look at yourself and this crisis will look like a child’s play. Because life has a tendency to get harder each year. It’s like a video game – where things go harder when you level up. And if you’ll choose to do easy things in life – your life will become very hard. So it’s suggested to do the hard things then your life will become easier.

Most people avoid hard things and most people choose the easiest path – that never leads to success.

Since reality is subjective. Everything a person is experiencing is made for him. Tough times are just an experience like any other. It’s important not to give up on yourself and your life. Sometimes life lacks meaning. And for some it’s tough – because life without any meaning is pointless, why live when there is no meaning?

It’s important to find meaning in everyday life.

George Carlin said that life is easy – you just have to eat and make a poop – how hard is that? We all had our downfalls but somehow we managed to survive. Still we are living, but life used to be way harder for our ancestors. Those were some tough people. And they made life easier.

Just hand in there and you’ll be fine. Don’t give up and play life on hardcore mode.