How to be a good employer.

When I worked with my employer, I liked that he’s flexible. He didn’t put any pressure on me and let me work they way I want.

But I didn’t like one thing about him.

He doesn’t hold on to his words.

He told me that I can work with him 5 years, but I ended up working with him just 3 months and then he kicked me out.

I guess I was a lame employee.

To be a good employer you need these things:

  1. Honest.
  2. Flexible.
  3. Nice.
  4. Generous.
  5. Keep your word.
  6. Don’t give a lot of pressure.
  7. Let your employees work the way they want.

I think that’s enough.

Being a good employer means that people will want to work with you.

I remember we were in one firm with him, and this boss started to shout at his employee and started putting himself above everyone else.

I kinda said to him couple of words, nearly punched him in the face for shouting at this girl because he looked like a clown with his status.

I’m just glad that wasn’t my boss.