How to be a good consultant.

I remember I worked as a consultant at Litexpo exhibition center with my company back in 2012.

I did consulting on a microscope.

I told my employer that I’ll do one product and I will be the best at it.

When being a consultant you want to pick one product and become the best at it.

When you know one product good – you can deliver exceptional value to your potential customers.

Most people try to be know it all guys, but you can’t know everything, doh.

As a consultant you want to pick one service or product and become a guru of that single product.

You want to know the ins and the outs of one single product.

This way you can deliver exceptional value.

Talk to your employer and tell him, that you want to be an expert on one single product.

That way you will get more time to know the product. You can test it for yourself. While you test, you get real experience on how the product feels when it’s being used.

Back in the day when I worked, I delivered exceptional value and attracted many customers, because everyone was interested in my microscope rather those who were presented by other guys.

I knew the ins and the outs of one microscope. And you could call me the microscope expert, but I just knew one microscope.

Of course, over the years I’ve forgot everything, but still I was a good consultant.