How doing specific tips can guarantee you some traffic.

Few weeks ago I wrote about my Ubuntu crash, when I’ve installed Nvidia drivers.

That post has got some views.

When writing tips, you want to be very specific.

Specific tips can attract some views, but all in all if you won’t promote your blog – you won’t have the views.

It’s simple as that.

Most of my content doesn’t qualify for Google search engine traffic and that’s lame.

Although when I look at Webmaster stats I see that the blog is growing at snail’s pace.

That’s fine for me. Because the first mark I want to reach is 5$ daily from Google Adsense. That would require 5000 monthly visitors.

That’s all fine.

I have to admit guys, I’m kinda lame at doing how-to’s and guides.

I leave my blog to be a general blog. A blog about everything.