How do you earn money without sales.

I hate selling. It’s lame.

I doubt I can pack a book and sell it. Although I have some, but I don’t do the sales. Amazon does.

Talking to customers and doing customer care – all that sucks. Personally I myself don’t sell any products. And I won’t sell any products.

I hate creating products, let my blog be my product.

I added some ads, and affiliate links and let it run.

You don’t have to do any sales if you want to earn money online, your content is the product and people stumble on your website, press an ad and voila you have some cash in your account.

That’s good.

But to earn decent amount of money, you have to do the grind.

Because it takes a lot of traffic to earn money.

But good thing about blogs, is that you write a piece once and it sticks in the blog, people may stumble on it through search engines.

Personally me, I hate doing marketing, hate sales, hate doing business. I just love to write.

And as a writer, my blog is my main place where I write out my thoughts.

This shit’s epic.

You can do Youtube or your blog, if you love to write, both can use Google Adsense.

But you need a lot of views to earn a lot of money and it’s a downside.

But if you keep adding content, people will start coming to your blog even without marketing – you’ll just have to wait longer.

If you could commit let’s say few years and write a lot of good quality content, which mine isn’t. You then can attract significant amount of traffic. People find good content, you just have to wait if you don’t promote your blog.

Without sales you earn from ad clicks and affiliate offers, your website doesn’t do any sales. Sure in the long run you will want to sell something, but at first your biggest concern is the traffic.

The more converting content you have the more you earn.

Money online equals to traffic and conversions.

That way you earn money.

It’s simple to implement, but I won’t write a guide, because there are tons of guides online, search them up.

You know to make sales, you have to make a good product, and most people can’t make a good products. That’s why a lot of people shy off from sales.

If you can create a product, use third party software or websites to actually do the sales. When amazon does the selling, it doesn’t count as sales, because their website handles all the hassle, you just have to provide the product.

My website is targeted at writers, who want to start blogging. Because with blogging you don’t need to do sales in order to earn money.

You just need traffic and conversions.

That’s it.

If you’ll provide quality articles people will find your blog even without marketing, but it can take a long time until the traffic is solid.